Sculptorvox Volume 1: Geometry of nothing

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This is a selection of sculpture related books,  sub-divided into categories for easy reference.

Daniel Lingham and Matt Gill have produced the first in an exciting series of 8 printed volumes called Sculptorvox.

Geometry of Nothing is the inaugural volume in this series. It explores a variety of concepts around contemporary sculptural practice. It casts an eye at some of the fundamental aspects of ideation, process, spatial-relationships, interaction. The idea that the creative process is ‘ex nihilo’ – something from nothing – speaks to the origins, drives and outcomes generated by the artist’s compulsion to create physical, tangible and virtual objects, realms, realities and
Each volume contains written and photographic contributions from talented individuals that have broadly and creatively interpreted, discussed and responded to the theme by exploring associations, presenting stories and constructing narratives.

The beginning of a deep investigation into the current status of three dimensional art. We look forward to the next volumes! sculpture network editorial team

“Our vision is to create a one-time, collectable publication series dedicated to the appreciation of contemporary art practice” states editor Daniel Lingham, who after being in the sculptural art realm for several years felt there was a big gap in what journals, magazines and literature had to offer for those hungry for insight and inspiration.
“The concept of each volume is within the broadest notion of what sculpture means today; we will feature new writing, interviews, articles and profiles of some the most innovative contemporary artists working in three-dimensions”.

Sculptorvox is an independent publication produced by Urban Fugitive Ltd as a not-for-profit endeavour.

Founder and Editor: Daniel Lingham
Language: English
ISBN: 2515-7329
Paperback: 157 pages
Size: 21,5 x 1,3 x 27,5 cm
Published: Urban Fugitive Ltd, UK (Jan 2018)


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