Munich: the place of HIGHLIGHTS

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For the eighth time, the HIGHLIGHTS International Art Fair in Munich brings internationally renowned art and antique dealers to the Bavarian capital from 25 to 29 October.

For the eighth time, the HIGHLIGHTS International Art Fair in Munich brings internationally renowned art and antique dealers to the Bavarian capital from 25 to 29 October.

Although the construction work on the facade of the Kaiserhof courtyard at Munich’s Residenz may slightly spoil your first impression of this magnificent building, everything is perfect once you are inside. You’ll realize that HIGHLIGHTS still has a great reputation and once again offers an exceptional selection of high-calibre international art, including new discoveries and works from all eras that have been unavailable for a long time.

© copyright HIGHLIGHTS Internationale Kunstmesse München 2017

HIGHLIGHTS is a place of discovery far different from the standard large-sized art fairs with hundreds of exhibitors and pavilions. Here there are just 38 dealers and galleries (six fewer than last year) combined to make the fair a spectacular mix of antique and modern art. Very few art fairs offer this fascinating selection. You feel like you’ve entered the house of a collector who has a great passion for antique ceramics, expressionistic paintings and black and white photography.

Of course we at sculpture network can’t visit anything without pursuing our favorite subject. As it turns out contemporary three dimensional art is also represented here, but not in the quantity we had hoped for.

Katja Ott, founding member of sculpture network and the Director of one of the exhibiting galleries, BECK & EGGELING International Fine Art, commented on the small amount of sculptures in an interview with us.

Bertozzi & Cassoni

The gallery traditionally represents many three dimensional artists and even has a sculpture park with works from Magdalena Abakanowicz, Bernhard Heiliger, Xavier Mascaró, Morio Nishimura and Manolo Valdés in Dortmund. At HIGHLIGHTS they have some ceramics works of the Italian duo Bertozzi & Cassoni on display.

Mrs. Ott, why do you think there are so few sculptures at HIGHLIGHTS this year?
That’s an interesting question! Sculpture isn’t that easy to transport and it needs space! Of course it’s always easier to hang something on the wall than to organize the transport and display of a sculpture.

Bertozzi & Cassoni

Do you think it has also something to do with the market?
I wouldn’t say so, even if sculpture is not always easy to sell. That’s why it’s not in the galleries’ portfolios very often. We have some artists that are producing outdoor sculptures and it is fascinating to see how various materials can create totally different effects: from bronze to iron or aluminium.

Do you have some collectors specialized in sculpture?

Not really. Usually it’s a mix and it also reflects the mix that we offer in our gallery.
Ca. 70% of what we have are paintings and 30% sculptures and that reflects what is usually bought the most. It’s difficult to say why it’s like that, but surely it has to do with the artists themselves: they need more room in their studios, their educational training is longer and more difficult, and it is a very physical type of work which requires more energy than painting or photography.

Even with this smaller quantity of contemporary three dimensional art, we at sculpture network still recommend visiting this somewhat unconventional art fair which is running until Sunday, 29 October. Don’t forget to check the catalogue (included in the entry price) which, in keeping with the spirit of the intimate feeling of a collector’s home, is a formatted as a practical glossy magazine!

Other galleries presenting (a few) contemporary sculptures are:
Galerie Koch from Hannover with works from Damien Hirst and Tony Cragg
Galerie von Vertes from Zurich: Joan Miró, John Chamberlain, Henry Moore, Baltasar Labo
Galerie bei der Albertina Zetter, Vienna: Joannis Avramidis
Galerie Utermann - W. Utermann KG: Norbert Kricke
Florian Sundheimer Kunsthandel, Munich:  Norbert Kricke

HIGHLIGHTS – Internationale Kunstmesse München
25 – 29 October 2017
Residenz München
Eingang Hofgarten, Residenzstr. 1
80333 München

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