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Informative conversations with experts, personal networking and exclusive project presentations: That was the program at sculpture network’s Summer Fest on July 15th in Brandenburg’s Werder on the Havel.

Foto: Giorgios Kalaitzis
Informative conversations with experts, personal networking and exclusive project presentations: That was the program at sculpture network’s Summer Fest on July 15th in Brandenburg’s Werder on the Havel.

Approximately 100 members and friends of sculpture network met in the impressive studio, a former vulcanized fiber factory, of the four artists Rainer Düvell, Hannes Brunner, Ruth Gindhart and Katharina Forster.

When you step through the gate of the studio building in the Adolf-Damaschke-Street 56/58 you immediately feel as if you are in the nave of a church. The paper storage area of the former vulcanized fiber factory, built in 1916, measures almost 500 meters square and was classified as a historical monument even in the GDR. High whitewashed walls, surrounded by recessed niches on the sides and a glass ceiling through which glowing white light is shining give the room a sacred atmosphere.

This is the perfect working environment for Rainer Düvell, Hannes Brunner, Katharina Forster and Ruth Gindhart. Particularly because all four artists need a lot of space for their sculptures and installations.

Foto: Cornelia Lütkemeier

For example the trained architect and sculptor Rainer Düvell designs large-scale objects from aluminum pipes. For the BUGA in 2015 he created landmarks along the Havel river from metalic blue poles which rose into the sky like giant reeds, swaying gently in the wind and each making its own play on light depending on the position of the sun. Connecting several cities along the Havel, these form „the blue belt“ of the river and can be seen from a good distance. Currently there is talk of expanding the project: „My vision is to expand the landmarks to include all four German states that the Havel flows through: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt.“

The newest work by Hannes Brunner, Professor for Sculpture at the  Kunsthochschule (Academy of Art) Berlin-Weissensee, is also monumental: He has designed a giant mast for the city of Wittstock which uses blinking LED lights to display a series of different words and neologisms. A model made of paper, approximately 20 meters long, on the floor of the studio gave visitors a good impression of the dimensions of this project titled „Dorn“ (Thorn).

Foto: Giorgios Kalaitzis

Sculptress Ruth Gindhart is working on another large project for the city of Wittstock: For the „Dosse Park“ on the former site of the Home for the Poor and Disabled established by King Friedrich Wilhelm II she created a large-scale scupture made of colored steel elements which are reminiscent of joined chain links.

Katharina Forster demonstrated how art can help enliven the city: In the framework of the project „Stadt-Raum-Kunst“ (City-Space-Art) she created a „Temporary Art Gallery“ in 2016 in the heart of Kamenz together with Rainer Düvell and Harald Hoppe. The project invited citizens of all ages to participate in the discussion of and creative interaction with the city space. For example, with school groups she created „City Collages“ from daily objects while simultaneously making children and young people more aware of their environment.

The Belin sculpture network Summer Fest took place in Werder for the second time. „I am very happy that Rainer, Hannes, Ruth and Katharina received us so cordially and that we were able to gain such up-close and exciting insights into their projects“, said Patricia Hofmann, Coordinator of sculpture network in Berlin. „Personal communication, networking and a glimpse behind the scenes of artistic works: Once again our Summer Fest had a great backdrop for exactly that.“

Cornelia Lütkemeier

Foto: Giorgios Kalaitzis

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