Studio Exchange Program

Tabea Baumgartner
Project Coordinator
Phone:+49 89 51 68 97 91

Studio Exchange Program - What is it about?

From time to time there is this longing to just break out of the usual, to be inspired, to get a new perspective on things and input for one’s own creative practice.

Does this sound like you? Have you ever thought about working in a foreign country or just simply in a different setting? For some it may be an old hat: maybe you have already joined the one or other Artist in Residency program. The Studio Exchange Program is a more informal and less strenuous way to go about your artistic practice in studios all over the world.

What do you get?

Working in a studio abroad or in a different setting sets the .. for getting to know artists from different culturers and their creative practise, sharing expertise and building networks. Imagine the people you meet, the exchange of expertise you share, the stories you tell, the art of other cultures you get to know - it all makes for a vivid and exciting personal experience.

A program that promotes transnational exchange and deepens mutual understanding across cultures is indispensible in times of rising nationalism. Doesn’t this exactly represent what sculpture network stands for with it's fast-growing international community?

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