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sculpture network publishes a monthly Newsletter in German and English.
It contains information on current events and exhibitions related to contemporary sculpture in Europe, as well as our own events and news.

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The idea of a network for artist, art mediators and friends of the arts, stemmed from the sculptor Hartmut Stielow, who had experienced the effectiveness and value of such an association, while being a Board member of the International Sculpture Centre in the US.

Considerations for establishing an organisation in Europe were deliberated from 2002 to 2004. It was the addition of Ralf Kirberg, a fervent art patron and other curatorial and legal contributions that finally got the project off the ground in 2004. After a period of trial and error and adjusting to Europe's cultural and national singularities "sculpture network" was founded, on the 21st of January 2004.

In the ensuing years our "Programs and Services" have been established as the back-bone of sculpture network's activities.

We have also achieved milestones which include: Our fifth anniversary at the bbk studios in Berlin and our tenth International Forum at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. In between, we have held events at numerous venues, where renowned experts and artists have shared their knowledge with our audience. We have visited a myriad of sculpture places, creating awareness and appreciation for the art and for the endeavour to create them.

Since 2004, connections, friends and contacts have been made. Our members have written many success stories. Thanks to those connections, cross border and local projects have been realized and bridges built across disciplines. Sculpture in Europe is connected.

As our track record and reputation grows, so does the generosity and number of our members, volunteers and supporters. Without their backing, sculpture network would not be possible. It is this spirit of sharing and desire to know more that drives us forward.

We look forward to more people, projects, events and sculpture, in the future.

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