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HC Berg is a young Finnish artist who has been steadily growing in international renown over the last ten years. With observation and perception as his subject matter, Berg employs a variety of media from metals to glass to acrylics to create works that possess unlimited optical dexterity. His art challenges customary ways of seeing and viewing, with the interaction of material and light offering surprises and insights.

Berg’s works are independent entities and simultaneously sensitive interpreters of the history of architecture, design and art. His sculp¬tures and optical installations are not cold objects but profound ex¬pressions of human creativity, and as such they establish a strong interactive bond with their environment. They call for audience par¬ticipation, challenge the boundaries of vision, and force both the body as well as the invisible soul into motion. As the contemporary art specialist Leevi Haapala has noted, Berg’s works appeal to and engage all the human senses. In concluding his essay in the present catalogue, Haapala poignantly observes that Berg’s works present to us “Occasional wonders of creation: here and now – on earth.”

Berg’s works do not submit to the hegemony of the magisterial gaze as lifeless objects, but rather they challenge the entire human frame of reference. In his works we see ourselves, our wavering selfhood, our otherness, and through these acts of engagement and revela¬tion contact is established with the beat that is life itself. His work present a network of spatio-temporal dimensions in which image and language, thoughts and words are intertwined. In front of these works, in dialogue with them, we can understand why creativity is a basic human instinct and why art is a fundamental manifestation of this instinct.

Janne Gallen- Kallela -Siren

Berg was the recipient of Finland’s Young Artist of the Year award in 2007, and his works have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and art fairs worldwide. Berg’s artworks have been collected by all major museums in Finland, including Kiasma, EMMA, Helsinki City Art Museum, Oulu City art Museum, Tampere City Art Museum, Wäinö Aaltonen Art Museum in Turku, Ars Nova Museum in Turku, as well as by foundations, institutions and private collections around the world.


HC Berg lives and works in Inkoo, on the southern coast of Finland. Berg was born in 1971 in Espoo and holds master's degrees from the Department of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts and from the Ceramics and glass design programme of the University of Art and Design from 2002(Now. Aalto University). He held his first solo exhibition in 2004 and has taken part in group exhibitions since 1998.

HC Berg is a member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors and the Artists’ Association of Finland. He is a founding member of the Glass cooperative Nuutajärven Lasitaitajat ry., 'LASIKOMPPANIA', which was established in 2002 in Nuutajärvi glass village. The goal and aim of the cooperative is to support artistic and creative glass making in Finland and to protect a continuum in a glassmaking tradition that was begun in 1793.

HC Berg has received numerous honors and awards ranging from the young sculptor award in the memory of Sculptor Utriainen in 2000,

The young artist award in 2007 which is awarded for young artist with an international appeal with an opportunity to hold an exhibition at the Tampere Art Museum in Finland

The Art Society awarded HC Berg The William Thuring Foundation` S Main Prize in 2009 for excellency in Art for a mid-career Artist.

He won the juried sculpture competition for the new “Fennia ”House in Helsinki , Finland in 2008

HC Berg was in 2014 awarded 1 prize in the execution of Contemporary Calligraphy at the 6th edition of the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennal.

I work with

  • Glass
  • Installation
  • Light
  • Metal
  • Mixed media
  • Plastics
  • Public Art

Solo Exhibitions

Galerie Forsblom, Color space, Helsinki, Finland, 2014

Galerie Kashya Hildebrand, The metamorphoses of a line, Zurich, Switzerland, 2013

Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, The metamorphoses of a line, London, UK, 2013

Museum Nord, Narvik, Norge, 2013

Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland, 2012

Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland, 2010

The Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, 2008

The Norwegian Institute of Culture, Oslo, Norway, 2008

Young Artist of the Year – HC Berg, Meilahti Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 2007-08

Young Artist of the Year – HC Berg, Ostrobothnian museum, Vaasa, Finland, 2008

Young Artist of the Year – HC Berg, Tampere Art Museum, Tampere, Finland, 2007

Galerie Forsblom Graphics, Helsinki, Finland,  2005

Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland, 2004

Group Exhibitions

Sharjah Calligraphy Biennale 6th edition, UAE, 2014

“AURORA” - Contemporary Nordic Glass Art, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014

“NORDIC GLASS” - The Glass factory - Boda Glasmuseum, Sweden, 2013

"Camouflage", Kiasma, Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 2012

Kesä – Sommar – Summer 2011, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland, 2011

"Close your eyes and tell me what you see" Göteborg Konsthall, Sweden, 2011

"Close your eyes and tell me what you see" Observatorio, Turku , Finland, 2011

"Reflective shadow", Ordupgaard Konstmuseum, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011

“Saunalab”, Turku Cultural Capital Project, Wäinö Aaltonen Art Museum, Turku Finland, 2011

"Light 21", Light Museum , Unna , Germany, 2010

“Kaleidoscope” Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, Switzerland, 2009

Kuntsi Museum of modern Art , Vaasa, Finland, 2009

"Reflections", Hämeenlinna art museum, Hämeenlinna, Finland, 2009

"Stunning", Wäinö Aaltonen Art Museum, Turku, Finland, 2009

Biennale Kijkduin, Den Hague, Netherlands, 2009

Connections 2009, contemporary European Glass sculpture, Prague, Czech, 2009

BIABB 08, Beijing, China 2008

Sharjah Calligraphy Biennale 3th edition, UAE, 2008

"Stopover", Samuelis Baumgarten Galerie, Bielefeld, Germany, 2007

Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland, 2007

"Fragile from Finland", Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam, Nederland, 2006

" Intimacy", Mänttä, Finland, 2006

"Glass Art in Finland", Touring exhibition, Nancy, Lille, France 2006

Galerie Elverket, Tammisaari, Finland, 2006

"Light Treatment", Wäinö Aaltonen Museo Åbo, Finland, 2005

"Kyoto Art Walk", Kyoto, Japan, 2005

Global art glass 2005, Glass Triennale, Öland, Sweden 2005

"Labyrinth", Fiskars, Finland, sculpture 2005

Oulu Museum of Art, Oulu, Finland, 2005

Galerie Forsblom Grafics, Helsinki, Finland 2005

"Night Train", Kiasma, Contemporary Museum of Art, Helsinki, Finland,2003

100years of Finnish Ceramics, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 2003

Umedalen sculpture park 2002, Umeå, Sweden 2002

Eye of Light "Master of Arts", Art Industrial museum in Helsinki, Finland 2002

Venice Open 01, Hotel palace Hungary, Lido, Venice, Italy 2001

"Murano, Venice, Europe" Touring exhibition, Palace of European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium 2001

"Art under the stars", Chicago, Schaumberg, Illinois, USA 2001

Galerie Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland 2001

The Museum of south Carelia, K´2000, Lappenranta, Finland, 2000

Riihimäki Glassmuseum "Suomen Lasi Elää 4 ", Riihimäki, Finland 2000

Galerie Kaj Forsblom , Helsinki , Finland, 1999

”Blue You”, Into Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. Glass and Ceramic Installations 1998

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