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The manifest and subconscious motivation of people in relationship to their world provides a contiguous field of interest for Van Oordt. Is it possible to depict the adjacency of the outer facades and visualize them? In her photography and three‐dimensional works, the artist endeavours to evoke a sense of poetry, to entice the viewers’ imagination, and to precipitously confront their sensitivity with new concepts.





Hetty van Oordt (1960) started in 2010 with sculpting. Teachers e.g. Ingrid Pijl and John van Oers. Atelier in Breda (The Netherlands). In 2016 she's bringing a sculpture to live into a stop motion animationfilm. 


Van Oordt has been familiar with a camera since she was ten years old. In the eighties she exhibited portraiture and documentary photography. For the next two decades she was occupied as a researcher and (documentary) filmmaker. This period inspired her to research the boundaries between still and moving images. www.hettyvanoordt.nl 


Since the 90's Van Oordt is involved in documentary and short live-action movies. But it's also a field that can be explored in combination with sculpture. A result in this crossover is the stop motion animationfilm 'Early Wish (not a ballerina)' (2016). https://vimeo.com/183688566




1st prize Würth Art Gallery Turnhout, Belgium (2012).
A sculpture of a red pepper in gelatine. Photo, since the work itself was due to mouldering. 

Other prizes and nominations apart from sculpting see website please http://www.hettyvanoordt.nl/tentoonstelling-exposition-facts/






'Angels of the North'  Catalogue of the series Angels of the North. 21x21 cm. 20 pages. color. 2014. 

I work with

  • Bronze
  • Installation
  • Mixed media
  • Others
  • Plaster

Solo Exhibitions

* February 16 2014 - March 10 2014 De oude Viltfabriek, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
Photoseries 'The Bullfight' 

* November 09 2014 - January 04 2015 Fotogalerie Utrecht. Utrecht, The Netherlands. Photoseries 'Angels of the North'. 

* February 2017 Washington DC USA; March 2017 Utrecht, The Netherlands; May 2017 Cannes, France and several other international festivals
Sculptural stop motion animation film Early Wish (not a ballerina).
The film derived from the sculptural installation '30 Days and More'. Animation by Jasper Kuipers

Group Exhibitions

* October 07 2016 - January 08 2017
Through Dutch Eyes Only 
CALL5 in Museo casa Orduña, Guadalest. Spain (an hour drive from Alicante).
Installation 30_Days and More. Photography Bullfight. 

* April-May 2013 Natuurpunt Museum. Turnhout. Belgium.
Installation De postuurkanarie, and photography. 

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