Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR

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Conceptual metaphorical speech is indeed adequate to the activity of thinking, the operations of our mind, but the life of the soul in its very intensity is much more adequately expressed in a glance, a sound, a gesture, than in speech.

Arendt, Hannah. The Life of the Mind 

I work with

  • Installation
  • Mixed media
  • Others
  • Plastics
  • Public Art
  • Video

Solo Exhibitions

Exhibitions and study "short list" :

 - 1980 - Jeune peinture jeune expression Paris-

- Atelier 74 rue de la verrerie Paris - Esplanade Beaubourg - Atelier video Jacqueline Dunand - Ecole du louvre - Isao Matsushita assistant - Art cloche video performance - Galerie du Chardon rue Mouffetard Paris - Cultural Center Saint Etienne - New york video taxi artvideo creation - Founder of web agency for art and media, webtv first channel in Europe ( 1997 ) - video Adriano Maraldi " objets libres " - Rue des Thermopyles - Holy land videoart study - Tokyo video trip - Director for TV broadcasting - Cultural center Paris - Virtual world creation of interactiv process for EU consortium - Tal Museum Engelberg - 

- 2012 - Zurich . Art bag 3.0 @ Artecorum - Art to Go @ Interio Dübendorf Zurich -

- 2013/14 - Exhibition @ Artecorum Artspace Galery- Zurich 8001 - Vernissage with Suguru Ito & Sandro Foschi musical tango history concert-Montreux Neurological congress .Emotion. - Papergirl Hambourg 2013 - Instagram show @ Los Angeles 

- 2015- Basel Art Week, video and 3dprinting sculpture installation @ RHY. Fafou Gallery "Human and nature installation " Oberuzwill Switzerland.

- 2016 - Yoorart gallery installation during winter on high mountain inside barn in Engelberg. - RHY Art Fair - BASEL 2016 - Zurich contemporary art fair -

Group Exhibitions

- 1980 - Jeune peinture jeune expression 

- 2014 - Zurich contemporary art fair

- 2015 - Basel Art Week, video and 3dprinting sculpture installation @ RHY.

- 2016 - Basel Art Week, video and 3dprinting sculpture installation @ RHY.

Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR

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