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Johann Feilacher

Born 1954 in Villach, Carinthia, Austria, Feilacher developed in the eighties of the last century as sculptor after working some years as painter. His main material became wood, which he uses for indoor and outdoor works till monumental sizes. Since 2002 he expanded his materials, working also with combinations of wood and steel and he also casted polyurethan beside building installations of painted wood pieces. The first large sculptures were made in England (Hildon House Park, 1988) and later in Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City, NY, and Kouros Sculpture Center in Ridgefield, CT, USA. In 1997 the artist created „Redwood 1“, a monumental work for Laumeier Sculpture Park in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

Public works are presented in Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, USA), Forma Viva,  Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia; Skulpturenpark Rosental, Carinthia, Austria; Arte Sella, Borgo Valsugana, Italy; Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten, Klagenfurt, Austria; Museum Liaunig, Neuhaus, Austria.

He worked at the art department of Webster University, Saint Louis, Missouri, University of Miami, Florida and University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.


Mission statement:

To know about nature`s absoluteness, about it`s powers and its constant circle which keeps repeating itself in the seasons is necessary, if you want to work with wood. To know about the dying of all creatures, but also about the possibility to give new life. I do not cut trees in order to work on them. There are so many trees are dying by different reasons, not only of age and rotten wood is very interesting. It is also a thing of respect for nature. I may be tampering with the art, but I do not want to disturb or destroy it. On the other hand the sensual air of an artistic idea, the spiritual must show in the material. The inner and outer harmony and freedom, the unity of imagination and reality.


Geb. 1954 in Villach, Kärnten, A. Bildhauer. Großskulpturen seit den achziger Jahren, u.a. in den USA (Laumeier Sculpture Park, Saint Louis, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York , Kouros Sculpture Center, Ridgefield) und Europa, u.a. Hildon House Park, England, Forma Viva, Kostanjevica na Krki, Slowenien, Skulpturenpark Rosental, Kärnten, Arte Sella, Borgo Valsugana, Italien.

Die Indoor Arbeiten wurden nach anfänglich mehr formal-ästhetischen Formen in den 80ger und 90er Jahren zunehmend expressiver, wilder und die Hölzer auch zum Teil verrottet, um der Geschichte der Zeit als zunehmende Gefahr des Sterbens vieler Baumarten gerecht zu werden.


Atelier in Seitzersdorf-Wolfpassing 5, A- 3464 Hausleiten NÖ, Austria


Public work:


Laumeier Sculpture Park, Saint Louis, MO, USA

Hildon Park, Broughton, GB

Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, USA

Arte Sella, Borgo Valsugana, I

Kouros Sculpture Center, Ridgefield, CT, USA

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, USA

Forma Viva, Kostanjevica na Krki, SI

Stadt Villach, A

Stadt Wien, A

Justizzentrum Leoben, BIG, A


Albertina Wien, A

NÖ Landessammlungen, St.Pölten, A

Sculpture Park Rosental, A

Skulpturenpark Winkelau, A

Museum Essl, Klosterneuburg, A

Museum Liaunig, Neuhaus, A


Aigner, Silvie: Hölzer II, Johann Feilacher, Sculptures, Residenz Verlag, St.Pölten, 2013


Bäumer, Angelica; Hölzer, Johann Feilacher (Edition Braus im Wachterverlag), Heidelberg, 2003.


Petersen, Barbara: Johann Feilacher, Bildhauer, Kunstmanager, Psychiater, Dissertation an der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien, 2001


Kouros Gallery, New York: Johann Feilacher. Sculptures, (EV) New York und Köln, 1994.


Lüthi & Lüthi Art Galerie : Feilacher, Johann: Bilder und Skulpturen, (EV.), Kreuzlingen 1991.


NÖ Gesellschaft für Kunst und Kultur (HG.): Johann Feilacher - Hölzer, Kunstwerkstatt Tulln, (EV), 1991






I work with

  • Wood

Solo Exhibitions

2013      Galerie grenzART, Hollabrunn, A

2012-13 Werner Berg Museum, Bleiburg

2011      Freilichtmuseum Gerersdorf, A

2010      Museum Humanum, Fratres, A

              Stadtgalerie am Minoritenplatz, Wolfsberg, A

2007      Museum Lignorama, Ried, A

2006      Kunsthaus Nexus, Saalfelden, A

2005      Galerie Chobot, Wien, A

2004      Galerie Chobot, Wien, A

2003      Galerie Pimmingsdorfer, Schloss Peuerbach

2002      Stadtmuseum St. Pölten, Hauptplatz, A

              Galeria Casa Strobele, Borgo Valsugana, I

1999      The New Gallery, Art Dep. University of Miami, Miami, USA  

1998      Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, A

              Landscape Art Project am Wachtberg, Tautendorf, A        

1997      Hunt Gallery, Art Dep. Webster University, Saint Louis, MO, USA

              Toscana Park, Gmunden, A

1996      Galerie Judith Walker, Klagenfurt, A

1995      Kunstwerkstatt Tulln, Tulln, A

1994      Kouros Gallery, New York, USA

1993      Otto Nagl Galerie, Kunstamt Wedding, Berlin, D

              Kulturzentrum Winkelau, Loosdorf/NÖ., A

              Galerie Unart, Villach, A

1991      N. Ö. Dokumentationszentrum für moderne Kunst, St. Pölten, A

              Galerie Lüthi&Lüthi, Kreuzlingen, CH

              Kunstwerkstatt Tulln,  Tulln, A

1981      Galerie Marokkanergasse, Wien, A

1977      Galerie der KHG, Graz, A


1975      Galerie Schillerhof, Graz, A

Group Exhibitions

2013      Galerie Walker, Weitzelsdorf, A

              Kro Art Contemporary, Wien, A

              Galerie Atelier Bernd, Wolfsberg, A

              Stadtgalerie Waidhofen/Ybbs, A

              Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, A

2012      Kro Art Contemporary, Wien, A

              Galerie Nothburga, Innsbruck, A

2011      Museum Liaunig, Neuhaus, A

              Galerie Walker, Weitzelsdorf, A

              Galerie Kaiblinger, Wien, A

2010      Schloss Bach (Galerie Walker), Bach, A

              Kunstverein Eichgraben, Eichgraben, A

              Nave Gallery, Grugliasco/Turin, I

2009      Galerie Walker, Weitzelsdorf, A

              Kunstfestival Wolkersdorf, A

              Schlosspark Waidhofen, A

2008      Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten, Klagenfurt, A

              Museum des Nötscher Kreises, Nötsch, A

              Kunstverein Kilb, A

2007      Galerie Walker, Weitzelsdorf, Kärnten, A

2006      Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, A

2005      Carlsten Gallery, the Noel Fine Arts Center, Stevens Point, USA

              Three Sinks Gallery, Saint Louis, USA

              Museumsquartier Wien, A

2004      Viertelgalerie Mistelbach, A

2003      Viertelgalerie Weistrach,  A

2002      Niederösterreichisches Landesmuseum, St. Pölten, A

2001      Galerie Judith Walker, Weitzelsdorf, Kärnten, A   

2000      Forma Viva, Kostanjevica na Krki, Sl

1998      Galerie Kranister,  Klosterneuburg, A

              Kunsthaus Kunsbacka, Göteborg, S

              Galerie Dauphin, Singapur, Indonesia

1997      Laumeier Sculpture Park, Saint Louis, MO, USA

              Galerie Unart, Villach, A

1996      Museum of Modern Art, Pretoria, South Africa

              Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

              Parlament Wien, Wien, A

1995      Galerie Judith Walker - Schloss Reifnitz, A

              Galerie Judith Walker, Klagenfurt, A

              Hipp Halle, Gmunden, A

1994      Kunstverein Horn, Horn, A

              Bildhauersymposium Litschau, Litschau, A

              Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, NY, USA

              Kouros Galleries Sculpture Park, Ridgefield, CT, USA     

              Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, NY, USA      

              Galerie Unart, Villach, A

              Skulpturengarten St. Valentin, St. Valentin, A

              Galerie Judith Walker, Klagenfurt, A

              Galerie Unart, Villach, A

1993      Kulturzentrum Sovinec, Sovinec, Cz

              Skulpturenpark St. Valentin, A

              Socrates Scukptures Park, New York, NY, USA

1992      Kunst in der Landschaft, Gut Gasteil, Prigglitz, A

1989      Studio 24, Wien, A

1984      "Leopoldivariationen", Klosterneuburg, A

1983      Galerie Cselly-Mühle, Oslip, A

              Galerie Schottenfeld, Wien, A          


1982      Haus der Begegnung, Gruppe FAGOSZ, Eisenstadt, A

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