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Karen works with the processes of sculpture in response to both the formal properties of sculpture and the context and experience of encountering the sculptural object itself.

For years she has habitually hoarded scavenged objects and materials both manmade and natural as starting points, either for visual and tactile exploration or for direct use in the construction of works. A long-running interest has been with the use of mirrors as a material, played out both with photographic based works and sculpture. Works developed from the starting point of a given site or local material are also particularly fruitful. Her studio garden has developed as a mix of ‘site-specific’ works, interacting with the setting and natural elements. And further afield works have been assembled using material found along the coast in response to both human and elemental forces.

“When I develop work, the choices of material and process are initially linked to a desire to physically work with and interact with form and matter. As works evolve, they may reference histories or the context of site and engagement or half-remembered things in the world. Works are allowed to develop language, interactions and potential choreographies which emerge instinctively over time.”

I work with

  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Installation
  • Light
  • Metal
  • Others
  • Plaster
  • Public Art
  • Sound
  • Stone
  • Wood
Karen Karen

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