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Sculpture between creativity and nature

In may artwork you find sculptures of various materials, sometines more like an classical sculpture, other works are more close to landart.

The choose of material depends from the theme and the situation.

But the main theme of my artwork is the nature. In this context I`m looking for a way of esthetic exploration of nature accompanied by an phenomenlogical research.

What is the sense of sculpturing? It´s a way of transformation of the nature or oneself?

So I think sculpturing in the 20t and 21th century is like a modern history of alchemistry.


date of birth 19.11.1964 in Peine


1986 -1991 study biochemistry in Hannover and Berlin

1991/92 painting at Martin Schmid at Tübingen

1991/92 interdisciplinary study of fine arts at

Kunstseminar Metzingen/Germany (free academy)

1996 diplome for `Gestaltung und Prozeßorganisation´

1996-97 working as an artist in Dresden

since 1997 working in Radolfzell and Konstanz / Germany

since 1997 making creative projects with children, young people

and adults

2006 foundation "school of nature- constance" www.naturschule-konstanz.de

since 2009 free lecturer at the academy for creative



I´m working in several materials : in stone, wood , metals and others usally in a non figurative mode. There are also works in painting, installations and landart.

Solo Exhibitions

2000 `Von Blättern und Sternen´ Installation with fotos at the

`Palmenhaus´ in Constance

2012  Galerie Kunstpunkt/ D-Hüfingen

2014 Wasserturm Stromeyersdorf (mit Anna Rofka/ Malerei)

2014 Kultur-und Bürgerzentrum Alte Kirche / D-Volkertshausen (wih Anna Rofka/ Paintingi)

2016 Villa Bosch (municipal gallery of Radolfzell) with Anna Rofka 



Group Exhibitions

1998 -2004 participations 2.-5. Saarpfälzischer price of art

2000 `Von Blättern und Sternen´ Installation with photos at the

`Palmenhaus´ in Constance

2001 `Gestalten in Granit´ participation Expo with models/

Kusser Granitwerke/Aicha

2001 `Steine im Fluss´,creation of a stone with figurative

elements/ Constance

2006 `cross of the earth´international symposium of artists in

Grafenhausen / Schwarzwald

2007 `spica´ sculpturesymposium Andechs/ Bavaria, Germany

2008 price of sculpture Schlosspark Köln-Stammheim (3.place)

2008 international sculpturesymposium Val D´Arzino/ Italy

2008 "moved wind 2008" Exhibition and price;rural

district Frankenberg/Hessen/Germany (installation with sand)

2009 "ars-figura" contemp. sculpture in wood, Schwarzenberg/Germany

2010 exhibition "Truderinger Kunsttage", Munich/ Germany

2010 "moved wind 2010"

2010 Bambutopia sculpture park (installation with water)

2010 sculpture competition Flora-westfalica (wood)

2010 1.international artobjectsymposium Penza/ Russia

2011 exhibit. contemp. sculpture in wood, Schwarzenberg/Germany

2011 Bambutopia sculpture park (installation with words and water)

2012 int. sculptursymp. Syktyvkar/Russia "Finno-Ugric world"

2013 9. Regioart Lörrach

2013 Chenglong wetlands intern. enviromental artproject Taiwan

2013 intern. woodsculpture symp. and competition "Kingsland"

near Oradea/ Romania 1. place

2013 internat. stone sculpure symposium Alanya/Turkey

2014 8. annual Cessco snow sculpture symposium Edmonton/Canada

2014 Sculpture-meeting Allensbach/ lake of Constance/ Germany

2014 Moved wind / Kassel Germany

2014 German-polish sculpture-symposium Schöneiche near Berlin

2014 Exhibition "human-nature" St. Andreasberg/ Harz/Germany

2014  Exhibition Collectivo "la Salita" Asturia/Gijon/ Spain

2014  Exhibition regional artists, municipal gallery of Tuttlingen/ Germany

2015 Regioart Loerrach

2015 International Marine Environment Art Project in Keelung, Taiwan

“Paradise:  Sustainable Oceans” (as a Team with Anna Rofka)

2015 Regionale Donaueschingen

2015 international wood sculpture symposium Ahrntal/ Southtyrol/ Italy (with Anna)

2015  International stone sculpture symposium Craiova /Romania with Anna  

2015 International exhibition  Sanyi wood sculpture museum Taiwan

2015   Exhibition of regional artists, municipal Gallery of Tuttlingen/ Germany

2016 International snow sculpture festival Ahrntal/ Southtyrol/ Italy (with Anna)

2016 International wood sculpture symposium Lorentzweiler/ Luxembourg (with Anna)

2016 International artists symposium Grafenhausen/ Black forest (with Anna)

2016 International exhibition and price of art Moved wind   2.price (with Anna)

2016  Exhibition of regional artists, municipal Gallery of Tuttlingen/ Germany

2017 International artproject "artur017" Switzerland (with Anna)

2017 Rhine prize 2017 Bonn / Germany

2017 1st sculpture biennale Astana/Kasakhstan

2017 (X)Sites Kattegattleden Landart project Sweden (with Anna)

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