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Sculptures  19 October 2015

Miba  Ltd. Sculpture Garden is a magical place in the acacia forest on the outskirts of Arusha, Tanzania. To date it displays 30 serpentine and opal stone sculptures for sale, made over the past 11 years by Dutch resident Mieke van Grinsven.

The work is a continuous process of development through which the artist searches for authentic creative expression.

At the beginning of her journey as a sculptor, Mieke’s pieces took shape in the form of faces that exhibited European and African expressions. After about 50 sculptures, the work changed to torsos, inspired by African women and being grounded. From 2010, the sculptures began to deal more with energy and the surrounding environment. In recent years, the work has became more and more abstract. At the moment, Mieke is interested in creating in resonance with the stone, her experience in life and art, and the confidence that an attentive observer will get the message. The resulting forms are beyond what the artist could have pre-emptively imagined, as if the meeting of the stone, artist and environment mutually create the sculpture as one.

Here are some impressions written down by last weekend’s visitor (a Master in Music Leadership and 2015 graduate of Guildhall Music and Drama school in London):

Faces: “interaction, emptiness, family cultures, endless, always developing, spirits, freedom to be…”

Torsos: “shift of awareness, sense of own body, physicality…”

Energy sculptures: “organisation and structure, control, searching, exploration, awareness, process, observing, listening, feeling…”

Abstracts: “letting go, finding different layers in the work…”

Mieke loves to work, teach and collaborate with musicians, dancers and writers and anyone who is open to developing their unique creative expression.





Artistic career:

1979-1982:Arts Academy, Arnhem, the Netherlands

1983-1985:Carpentry education, Oosterbeek , the Netherlands

1987-1992:Manager Rural crafts workshop, Zambezi, Zambia

1995-2003:Director/Designer Leather goods and arts, Asilia Ltd.Arusha, Tanzania

2004-todate:Sculptress   Miba Ltd.Sculpture Garden , Arusha Tanzania

2011-to date: Teacher sculpting , Miba Ltd. Sculpture Garden                                                                                                     



2005:Solo exhibition , Sculpture (home) Garden, Olasiti Arusha              

2006:Solo exhibition, Cultural Heritage Arusha

2007:Arts Biennale, National Museum, Dar es Salaam

2007:Duo exhibition, Elewana Coffee lodge, Arusha                      

2008:Solo exhibition River House/Shanga, Arusha

2009:Ramoma Museum of Modern Arts, one of 4 artist, Nairobi  

2009:Solo exhibition, National Museum Nairobi

2010:Duo exhibition,Cultural Heritage Gallery,Arusha

2011:Christmas Craft Fair , Arusha

2012:Solo exhibition at the Arusha Hotel, 26 statues in  lounge and gardens


2014:Solo exhibition Alliance Francaise, Dar es Salaam

2015:Art from the hear event, MIba Ltd. Sculpture Garden Arusha

2015:Arusha Community Fair

I work with

  • Stone

Solo Exhibitions

2005, Miba ltd. Sculpture Garden, Arusha, Tanzania

2006, Cultural Heritage , Arusha, Tanzania

2008, Riverhouse/Shanga , Arusha, Tanzania

2009, National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya

2012-2013, Arusha Hotel , lounge and garden for the whole year after the grand opening

2014, Alliance Francaise, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania



Group Exhibitions

2007, Arts Bienale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

2007, Elewana Coffee lodge, Arusha, Tanzania

2009, Ramoma Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

2010, Cultural Heritage Gallery, Arusha, Tanzania

2011, Christmas Fair, Arusha

2015, Arts from the Heart event, Miba Ltd.Sculpture Garden

2015, Arusha Community Fair



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