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1968 born in kruisland


lives and works in Tilburg, the Netherlands


1988-1992 Academy of fine Arts, Tilburg




2010 community of Noordwijk, sculpture

2010 Community of Spijkenisse, sculpture on roundabout

2009 Community of Leidschendam Voorburg, sculpture

Solo Exhibitions

2017 gallery Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam

2016 Gallery Rosenfeldporcini ,London

2016 Soho Square , London

2015 Hotel Rosewood, London


2012 Pan Amsterdam, Art-fair

2012 Kunst am Strand, Sylt

2012 RAW Artfair, Rotterdam

2012 solo at galerie Katwijk Amsterdam


2011 PAN Amsterdam art-fair

2011 solo at Etienne Gallery Oisterwijk


2010 Art Amsterdam, galerie Roger Katwijk

2010 Sculpture Boulevard, Terneuzen

2010 St. Gerlach, Maastricht, galerie Bell'Arte

2010 Etienne Gallery Oisterwijk


2009 PAN Amsterdam, Galerie Roger Katwijk

2009 Solo Exhibition , Etiennne Gallery, Oisterwijk

2009 Oisterwijk sculptuur, Etienne Gallery


2008 PAN Amsterdam, art-fair, Galerie Roger Katwijk,

2008 Galeria Jose de Ibarra, Barcelona

2008 Beeldententoonstelling ?Hoogspanning?, Wassenaar

2008 Oisterwijk sculptuur, Galerie Etienne van den Doel

2008 Exhibition Galerie Roger Katwijk Amsterdam

2008 Exhibition, Galerie 15A, Lochem

2008 Art Amsterdam, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam


2007 PAN Amsterdam, Art-fair, Galerie Roger Katwijk,

2007 Exhibition, Galerie Etienne en van den Doel, Oisterwijk

2007 Rotterdam Object, Art-fair, Galerie Roger Katwijk,

2007 Oisterwijk Sculptuur, Galerie Etienne en van den Doel,

2007 Galeria Jose de Ibarra, Barcelona, Spain

2007 Art Amsterdam ,Art-fair, Galerie Krijger + Katwijk,

2007 Beelden in Auxilliatrix, Sculpture garden, Venlo


2006 PAN Amsterdam, Art-Fair, Galerie Krijger + Katwijk,

2006 Solo-presentatie, Galerie Beeldentuin Interart,Heeswijk-

2006 Art Amsterdam, Art-fair,Galerie Jörg hasenbach,Cape-Town

2006 Solo-presentatie, Galerie de Blauwe Roos, Burum


2005 PAN Amsterdam, Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, Antwerpen

2005 Art cologne, ,Köln,Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, Antwerpen

2005 Textiel museum, Tilburg, Tapestrys

2005 Solo-presentatie, Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, Antwerpen

2005 KunstRAI, Amsterdam, Solo-presentatie, Galerie Vromans,

2005 Beelden bij Chateau St. Gerlach, Galerie Bell?arte

Group Exhibitions

2017 Art in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands

2016 Symposion Gorinchem, the netherlands

2015 Bad Ragartz, schweizerische Triennale der Skulptur 

Pieter Obels

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Anke Serveashof 19

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5044 MJ





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+31 642250685

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