Pranab Mitra Chowdhury

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I work with

  • Bronze
  • Installation
  • Metal
  • Mixed media
  • Others
  • Paper
  • Plaster
  • Public Art
  • Video
  • Wood

Solo Exhibitions


1st solo  sculpture, Organized by- Alliance  Française  de Chittagong, Bangladesh- 1994.

2nd sculpture Exhibition, Organized by - Alliance  Française  de Chittagong,, Bangladesh.- 1998.

3rd solo Expectation  at  Rajbari, Bunan Arts Center, 2015.

4th solo  Drawing Exhibition at   workpia Iwata , Shizuoka, Japan, 2016.

Group Exhibitions

ASIAN ART BIENNALE EXHIBITION at shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

7th- sculpture 2006 , 10th -   sculpture 2009, 12th - Instalation.2011 , 16th-    Paintaing 2015, 

17th – Paintaing 2016


8th- 1988,11th-1996,12th-1998 Young Artist Art Exhibition
By Shilpakala Academy Dhaka Bangladesh.
Painting ,Graphic ,And Sculpture Exhibition,Organized
By Shilpakala Academy Dhaka,Bangladesh- 1995
13th National  Art Exhibition Organized By Shilpakala Academy Dhaka Bangladesh-1998.

Major Group Exhibition

1995, 1998, 2000, A Chittagong Based Artist group   contemporary Chittagong art exhibition, Chittagong.
1995- 14th, Annual Art Exhibition, Govt. Art College,  Chittagong.
1995- Print Painting & Sculpture exhibition by the professor    of Govt. Art College, Chittagong.
1998- Exhibition aid of flood effected people collaboration  with L`Allance Francasie de, Chittagong,
2000-2008 arts Exhibition Bangla Barsha Baran Parshad, Chittagong at Shilpokola Academy, Chittagong.
2000 Print Making Exhibition at Shilpokola Academy, Chittagong.
2001 Print Making Exhibition at Arial Center Dhaka,  Bangladesh.
2008 Art Exhibition by Assistance High Commission of India, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
2011-Art Exhibition Inaugural Program Of Institute Of Fine Arts,University Of Chittagong, Bangladesh

2016- Sculpture Net Works ,New Year Brunch ,Exhibition.Chittagong.

2016- Teacher art exhibition AFC, French week

2016-  Dhaka arts parchad ,shilpakala Academy,Chittagong.

2017- Sculpture Net Works ,New Year Brunch , Exhibition.Chittagong.

Pranab Mitra Chowdhury

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