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  • 2017
  • Newsletter June 2017 read >

    Public space as a heterogeneous sphere indispensable for sociocultural co-existence

    A place to train and develop one’s brain

    Considerations of loss and sensation of transience

    European and non-European artists and their very personal interpretations of the expressions surrounding „Time-Space-Existence“, to be viewed at the 57th Venice Biennale

    Die Skulptur Projekte
  • 2017
  • Newsletter May 2017 read >

    The allusion to human presence

    Breaking shame boundaries

    Sliding along the blurred boundaries of conventional artistic categories

    Educational Program: Daniel Castillejo, Artium Museum Director

    Miroslaw Balka
  • 2017
  • Newsletter April 2017 read >

    A reflective approach on our unconscious interaction with the material world

    Sculptural sound works, a modern mineralogical cabinet and a historical review of one of the city’s public sculptures

    Mystery and evidence, occultation and evocation

    An archaeological survey of society and its aftermath

    Liz Magor
  • 2017
  • Newsletter March 2017 read >

    `Sculpture is a fantastic quickly developing and dynamic activity´

    No audience, no art?

    Organic tension and permanent transformation

    Wang Shu, the breaking-down of boundaries

    Tony Cragg
  • 2017
  • Newsletter February 2017 read >

    Sculpture as intrusion and the question of its disappearance or shadow

    Exploring the paradigms of the sculptural

    Gavin Turk: Who What When Where How & Why

    Phyllida Barlow

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