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  • 2017
  • Newsletter December 2017 read >

    Shaping an infinite process of transformation

    La Fin de Babylone. The dream of a new beginning for culture

    Sensory processes and experiences

    A public art experience combining urban architecture and sculpture

    Lucy Skaer
  • 2017
  • Newsletter November 2017 read >

    “On the complex past and its relevance to this knife-edge present”

    “It is essential to keep the Skulptur Projekte from being appropriated by politics”

    “Things or states of being without representing them”

    Brewing contemporary sculpture

    Jenny Holzer
  • 2017
  • Newsletter October 2017 read >

    Casting domestic memories

    Balancing cultural, social and political anxieties through contemporary creativity

    A public art experience combining creativity, history and nature

    Rachel Whiteread
  • 2017
  • Newsletter Summer 2017 read >

    Committed to nurturing the talent of artists and the understanding of contemporary art

    Developing emotional intelligence through art

    Suspended tensions

    Our last article about 'Personal Structures' exhibition features the works at Giardini Marinaressa and San Sevolo. The exhibition, held during the Venice Biennale, can be seen until November 23rd.

    Jupiter Artland
  • 2017
  • Newsletter July 2017 read >

    Breaking down expectations of what art is and should be among its public

    Richard Long at Houghton Hall & Hans Josephson at Schoenthal Monastery

    Uncertainty and the archeology of an unknown past

    Artscape Nordland

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