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  • Floating Art 2017


21 Aug – 01 Sep 2017

Vejle Harbor Flegborg 16, 7100 Vejle, Denmark

After being presented in Uppsala (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) in May, ‘Inflatable Refugee’ returns to Denmark as an invitee of Vejle Art Museum for their exhibition ‘Floating Art’.


The art museum invited Schellekens & Peleman as the only international artist collective to be showcasing their work amongst a selection of Danish artists.


‘Inflatable Refugee’ will float on a pontoon in the middle of the Vejle harbor. The museum organises guided tours on boats for visitors.


With the ‘Floating Art’ exhibition Vejle Art Museum wants to explore the relationship between a museum as a natural habitat for exhibiting art and the audience. By bringing the exhibition to the harbor on water, they want to establish a different bond with the community and explore new ways of exhibiting art.



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