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Luc Peters, surprisingly different.


In the years following his academic training at Maastricht and Tilburg, the Roermond based artist Luc Peters (1950) has successfully exhibited at many galleries. His work has been on display in galleries in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. As well as in Belgium Luc Peters has had many exhibitions on his repertoire.

In the summer of 2015 he took part in an international symposium in Nidda, Germany. For more info about the symposium, visit


Luc Peters is as headstrong as the work he creates, he does not go by the book.

As he creates his art pieces in a totally different manner than would be found normal or traditional, he profiles himself to be a daring artist.

“By not allowing myself to work with a pre composed plan, but from a spontaneous and creative process, I give the unknown, the unintentional and the unexpected the chance to matter.


With his fascination for unorthodox materials, remains of what once was, or “scars of time” and “fossils” as he often describes it, he has a way of grabbing the interest of the viewers over and over.

His work is powerfull by the usage of innovative techniques. He gives the archeological findings a stamp of his own to hold keep his own experiences and ideas, which, over time will be brought on to the viewers.

“I hope that when someone is looking at one of my pieces, they will experience a certain tranquility and will be able to doze off for a little while”.



- Gallery Project 2.0 - Den Haag

- Galerie ArtHerb - Wetzlar Germany

- Galerie DZD-Art - Roermond

- Galerie Alkmaar - Alkmaar

- Galerie Novanta Nove - Amsterdam

- Art Laren

- International Artfair Linea Art - Gent 

- Holland Art Fair - Den Haag

- Galerie Frederiek van der Vlist - Leiden

- Galerie Nijenhove - Diepenheim

- Galerie Sous terre - Aalsmeer

- Galerie Rudolfv - Amsterdam

- Galerie de Kunsten - Deventer

- Judith Bouwknegt Contemporary PTA - Amsterdam

- Galerie Jas - Utrecht

- Galerie Zona - Amsterdam

- Galerie en beeldentuin de Keerder Kunstkamer - Cadier en Keer

- Galerie Dessers - Hasselt (B)

- Galerie Den Perroun - Maaseik (B) 

- Galerie Outline - Den Haag 

- Galerie Gadiot en Mas - Rotterdam


  • Cemento
  • Escayola
  • Madera
  • Ceramica
  • Metal
  • Mixed media
  • Piedra
Luc Peters





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