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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    Newsletter 10/2009
    1. Paul Wiedmer (CH) "Fire and Iron" at the Tinguely Museum Basel
    The sculptor Paul Wiedmer is one of the most known artist of the latest generation of Swiss iron sculptors. The Tinguely Museum Basel dedicates him a large retro perspective. more...
    2. In Memoriam Paul Suter (1926 - 2009)
    Paul Suter one of the most distinguished Swiss iron sculptors was one of the first members of sculpture network and one of the most renowned. more... 3. Arie Hartog - new director of the Gerhard-Marcks-House (D)
    Dr. Arie Hartog who has been the Kustos at the Gerhard-Marcks house since 1996 will be the new director of the sculptor museum in Bremen starting on 1st  October 2009. He will be following Dr. Jürgen Fitschen more... 4. Hiking destination: View on Swiss alpine huts
    Unique art experience in front of spectacular alpine coulisse until the end of October can be experienced: five alpine huts of the SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) exhibit art made by 17 different Swiss artists.  more... 5. "Own and common - Klaus Prior and Armin Göhringer" at the Museum Rudolf Wachter (D)
    Contrasts draw each other together. This has some value for art as well for instance when contrary positions at exhibitions are put into a similar context or contemporary ideas meet historical places. This can be experienced at the exhibition at the Rudolf Wachter museum at the new castle Kisslegg.  more... 6. Modern world presented as a ruin. An archaeological approach to the present? at the art museum Liechtenstein
    A more human and modern society was the project since the beginning of the 20th century. New ways of living where supposed to be created and new ?faces? for modern cities where the goal. What became of this Utopia? more... 7. Subodh Gupta "Common Man" by Hauser & Wirth in London (UK)
    He describes himself as ?the idol thief? and is one of the most interesting contemporary artists of the last years: Subodh Gupta was born in 1964 as one of 6 children of a railway worker in Khagaul/ India. more... 8. Serpentine Gallery Pavillon by SANAA in London (UK)
    For the past 10 years the park at the London Serpentine Gallery has been transformed into a public gallery: well known architects where allowed to build pavilions there - and most people asked themselves: is it architecture or sculpture? more... 9. "World creation" - the 53rd Art Biennale of Venice
    Critics weren?t ebullient, which the Sweden born Rector of the Städeleschule in Frankfurt and in charge of the Biennale, Daniel Birnbaum received: "Venice is nice and the art as well - nothing more" was the title by Karlheinz Schmid. more... 10. The Hannah Peschar sculpture garden in Ockley/ South England
    More than 100 pieces by different artists are exhibited by Hannah Peschar every year and are on offered for sale: The pieces are in every imaginable shape and from various materials like wood, metal, marble, glass, wire and plastic.  more... 11. "ANIMALS - contemporary visions" in der Nave Gallery in Grugliasco (I)
    Charles Darwin?s (1809 - 1882) 200th birthday was picked up by many galleries in order to honour his work. Nowadays since scientific development is moving so fast forward, artists are inspired by the founder of evolution more... 12. Contemporary Spanish sculpture 2000 -2010 at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vincente in Segovia (E)
    The museum offers an exciting view of 14 artist of contemporary Spanish sculpture under the subtitle "Realm of Silence". more...

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