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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    Newsletter 11/2009
    1. 16th international Triennale of sculpture in Poznan (PL)
    The 16th International Triennale of sculpture presented itself in Poznan/Poland under the theme "The crisis of the genre?". From October the 3rduntil November the 2nd you could see 5 exhibitions there more...
    2. Marko Lulic receives award by the art foundation Erich Hauser in Rottweil (D)
    15 artists have been nominated for this year's Erich Hauser foundation award, the jury chose Marko Lulic. Combined with the award is the realisation of a project at the foundation, which will take several weeks more... 3. Trouble in Paradise - Sculptures in the enclosures of the Zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna (A)
    The Austrian artists Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf are known for their funny, bizarre installations and activities. Whether they paint an astronaut on the ceiling of a Vienna Jesuit church or create a fake NASA box office - they always succeed in creating an unexpected confrontation between virtual worlds and real environment. more... 4. "Tony Oursler - Lock 2,4,6" at the art house Bregenz (A)
    The project "Lock 2,4,6", which has been realised in cooperation with the KUB, was designed for the planed provocative building by Peter Zumthor. The aim of the installation is to capture certain moments of different systems of epistemological, corporate, anatomic and linguistic aspects. more... 5. "Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts - The American Artist and the Poetry of Objects"
    The Museum Tinguely is presenting a little known body of Rauschenberg's work in metal. Always one to recycle, Rauschenberg found new uses for what others tossed aside, reinvigorating detritus with a revealing second life. more... 6. "Robert Rauschenberg - Jean Tinguely. Collaborations" in the Museum Tinguely, Basel (CH)
    Paris - New York. The leading art centres, with trans-Atlantic exchanges around 1960. An example thereof is the exhilarating, multi-level collaboration between Robert Rauschenberg and Jean Tinguely that can be re-discovered at the Museum Tinguely. more... 7. Aristide Maillol in Barcelona (E)
    Aristide Maillol has always been fascinated by Catalonia: he spoke Catalan, wore traditional clothes and danced "sardines". He publicly announced: "Catalonia is my true homeland." more... 8. "For a new world: Georges Vantongerloo (1886-1965) and his circles from Mondrian to Bill"
    The Belgium born artist Georges Vantongerloo (1886 - 1965) is one of the great, still underestimated pioneers of modern art. Being an utopian he was looking for avant-garde forms of expression of a new way of living and a more human society. more... 9. "Alberto Banuelos: liturgy of stones" at IVAM, Valencia (E)
    Alberto Bañuelos has been one of the leading sculptors in Spain for the last 25 years. Now the IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez dedicated him a large exhibition in Valencia. His pieces do not appear in chronological order, but are a reflection of his working process more... 10. Slovenian Sculpture Exhibition 2009: In the Maelstrom of European Values
    In the period where sculpture itself is more and more difficult to define, where various artistic media is entering the field of so called object art instead of sculpture, and where classical form is no longer predominating way of production, the thinking on exhibition that has intention of presenting actual production starts. more... 11. Impressions from our VIII International Sculpture Symposium in Vaduz
    For three days about 90 international sculptors, art mediators, friends of the arts and members of sculpture network met in Vaduz for our VIII International Sculpture Symposium and discussed intensively about the topic "Sculpture and Architecture - an ambivalent relationship".

    On our website you can find a short report as well as visual impressions by pictures and two videos more

    12. Coming up sculpture events

    SAVE THE DATE - we are happy to announce the following events. Please mark them in your calendar:

    12 December 2009: Regional Members Meeting in Valencia, Spain. Meet the Artist with Alberto Bañuelos 
    www.banuelos-fournier.com at IVAM  www.ivam.es and studio visit at Miquel Navarro www.miquelnavarro.com Further information and online registration here

    17.-19. Juni 2010: IX. sculpture network Sculpture Forum treating the topic "Wood in sculpture and plastics" in Rottenburg, Germany. The lectures will only be in German language. Further information and online registration here

    September 2010: X. International sculpture network Sculpture Forum and I. sculpture network Members' Exhibition in Grugliasco near by Torino, Italy. Further information will follow soon.

    You can find further dates in our calendar of events more

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