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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    Newsletter 05/2010
    1. sculpture network members' exhibition and symposium
    Exhibition: 16.09.-9.11.2010 in Gugliasco nearby Turin, Italy. Approx. 150 works of 30 artists from 10 countries. You may find a list of the selected artists here.

    2. Two new correspondents at the sculpture network team
    We are happy to introduce you our two new correspondents:

    Xavier Sis  for Catalonia
    sculptor; lives and works in Barcelona

    Anne de Harlez for Balearic Islands anne.deharlez@sculpture-network.org
    belgian sculptor, lives and works in Ibiza

    Do you want to become a sculpture network correspndent for your region? Just call us. The function of a correspondent are e.g.: 3. New member: European Artists.tv (SE)
    - An Artist-in-residence project in the middle of Sweden’s untouched nature. Don’t be irritated by web address and the .tv extension. First of all, it’s not about a television project but rather a special artist-in-residence project in the middle of Sweden. more 4. H2Art, the sculpture festival at Lake Constance (CH)
    The H2Art, now in its second edition following its 2009 debut, has committed itself entirely to the subject of water, showing 11 sculptures and installations from 12 artists on the Swiss shore of Lake Constance. more 5. Island never found (GR)
    The exhibition places at the centre artists who respond radically, passionately and extravagantly to new socio-cultural situations and mental games with boundless creativity. Like islands in the ocean, they offer both refuge and prison, home and hell, freedom and decay. more 6. Manifesta 8 (ES)
    - The pan-European "nomadic" Biennale of Contemporary Art
    The European "migrating" Art Event "Manifesta" shows, over 100 days in the two southern Spanish cities of Murcia and Cartagena, works by 110 artists from 45 countries.more 7. Magdalena Jetelová: To the limits of perception (DE)
    With the large installation "Landscape of Transformation" by the Czech artist Magdalena Jetelová, visitors of the exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim are sent on a journey to discover themselves. more
    8. OpenArt, Roveredo (CH)
    Just off the San Bernardino freeway, where one would normally expect to find only grazing goats or cows, instead, since the end of July, sculptures and objects by 65 artists integrate themselves harmoniously into the pre-Alpine landscape of the southern tip of Switzerland. more 9. Review of the International Steel Symposium Riedersbach 2010 (AT)
    In the center of the exhibition was the construction of figures in large dimensions under the motto "Between Design and Experiment". more 10. Atelier Van Lieshout utilizes a 5,000 square meter shipyard in Rotterdam (NL)
    Until 29 September, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam utilizes the decommissioned submarine shipyard in the port of Rotterdam as the biggest exhibition in the Netherlands. more 11. News from Europe’s Sculpture Parks
    1. Mobile Tagging in the Austrian sculpturepark (AT)

    2. Symposium of the Arts Foundation of Erich Hauser, Rottweil (DE) more 12. Argentina - a country for sculpture (AR)
    Sculptor and sculpture network member reports on the work with sculptures in Argentina. 30,000 spectators were present for the awards ceremony of the 11th Biennale in the regional capital Resistencia, in the north of Argentina. more 13. Public sculpture projects of members I
    Abu Jafar, "HOPE @ Beam", reflects the changing urban countryside of the artist. http://www.abujafar.com/

    Andre Becchio
    , "Tropfen", Red Wood,  made for reformierte Kirchengemeinde Küsnacht, www.becchio.ch

    Caroline Ramersdorfer
    , "inner view_open", in Urumqi, City Sculpture Park, China 2009, Abu Dhabi 2010 und Hudson New York from 19.8.-13.9.2010, www.carolineramersdorfer.at Public sculpture projects of members II
    Angelika Summa, "Gegen den Strich...", 2010
    Sie findet zunächst, bis 12. September, in der Skulpturenausstellung "Park-Sichten" in Mörfelden-Walldorf ihren Platz.

    Miroslav Stuzik,
    was made for the Land Art Generator Initiative Competition.

    Reiner Maria Matysik,
    "inoculus - Modell für einen zukünftigen Organismus", www.reinermatysik.de

    14. Opportunities
    On our website you can find  list of selected competition opportunities, tenders and Artist-In-Residence programmes offered world wide. more

    15. Calender

    We present you here a selection of events from our calendar of events.

    art fairs:


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