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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    sculpture network Newsletter 02/2010
    1. sculpture network members' exhibition and symposium
    We would like to thank all our sculptor members for their active participation in our call for proposals for the first sculpture network members' exhibition. We received more than 170 entries. The jury selection will be published in May.

    The exhibition entitled "European Sculpture: Diversity and difference in practice" will be shown from 16.09.-9.11.2010 in the "Nave Gallery in Gugliasco near Turin, Italy, and shows works by 30 members of the network.

    Accompanying the exhibition our IX. International Sculpture Symposium will be held on the first weekend (16.-19.9.2010) .

    Please save this date! Details about the program can be found on our website. The registration will begin shortly. more
    2. sculpture network Regional Meetings 2010
    Also this year we are planning a series of sculpture network Regional Meetings in various locations in Europe. Personal invitations to will follow:

    07 May:   Heidelberg (D) more
    ?? May:    Madrid (E)
    05 May:   Oronsko (P) more
    05 June:  Ibiza (E) more 
    27 June:  Neumarkt (D) more
    ?? June:   Macedonia

    03 July:    Ruhrgebiet (D) more
    ?? July:    Berlin (D)

    28 Aug.:  Gehrden/Hannover (D) more
    ?? Sep.:   Ljubljana (SLO)

    SAVE THE DATE!  Further events are planed in: Switzerland, England, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Croatia 3. New member: Swedish Sculptor's Association (SW)
    The Swedish sculptors' association is a non-profit organization for professional sculptors from Sweden. Founded in 1975 it aims at working for the interests of sculptors and sculpture in Sweden. more 4. Sculpture by the Sea (AUS)
    Since its incenception in 1997, Sculpture by the Sea has developed into a fantastic international art event in Sydney. Under the direction of David Handley, for a few weeks each year the Bondi Beach becomes a giant sculpture park displaying over 100 sculptures. more 5. Emscherkunst.2010 (also see Regional Meeting 3rd July (D)
    On May 29th, 2010, the culture capital's largest art project will be opened. Visitors will have 100 days to explore the eight exhibition rooms on Emscher Island, comprising 20 solo, duo and group works of 40 artists. more 6. Rob Voreman: "Human Comfort" (NL)
    Human Comfort is Rob Voerman's first individual exhibition in a museum in the Netherlands. In this comprehensive retrospective, Voerman exhibits works from 1998 until present, as well as the new installation, Cinema, which he developed exclusively for the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. more 7. Marina Abramovic: "The Artist Is Present" (USA)
    Internationationally recognized as a pioneer and key figure in performance art, the Yugoslavian-born (1946) Marina Abramovic  explores the physical and metnal pborders of human existence with her body. The exhibition's 50 pieces follow... more 8. Peter Randall-Page and Susanne Specht at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (UK)
    The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a unique place. It inspires, informs, and uplifts spirits. With four galleries and a one-of-a-kind car park from the 18th century, the Sculpture Park today is an international center of modern and contemporary art, well-known and -loved by the thousands of visitors it sees per year. more 9. Morice Lipsi: "au minéral..." (FR)
    More than twenty years after his death, Chevilly-Larue recalls its honoured citizen Morice Lipsi. From March 29th until May 27th 2010, the city of Chevilly-Larue (Region Paris), where Lipsi from 1930 until 1987 lived and worked, will be presenting a Lipsi Retrospective. more 10. A Sculpture day in Barcelona's outskirts
    Neus Bergua organised a visit for a group of members and friends to urban sculpture projects by Ricardo Vaccaro and the estate ?La Ricarda? built in 1953 by GATCPAC architect Antoni Bonet I Castellana. more 11. Spring opening of the Austrian Sculpture Park near Graz (A)
    A few minutes? distance from the highway, we enter a unique landscape created by the Swiss garden architect Dieter Kienast. Ramparts, pyramidal elevations and vast valleys correspond with existing forest, specially planted flora and lotus ponds in seasonally differing colours. more 12. Personalia
    Obituary Ernst Beyeler (CH)
    * 16. July 1921 in Basel 
    ? 25. February 2010 in Riehen

    Obituary Bruno Gironcoli (A)
    * 27. September 1936 in Villach 
    ? 19. February 2010 in Wien 13. Thomas Schütte: "Hindsight" - Retrospective (E)

    This Thomas Schütte show presented by the Museo Reina Sofía is the most comprehensive retrospective of this artist?s work ever organised in Europe and offers visitors a unique and detailed insight into the constant innovations that have characterised his evolution over the last 30 years. more
    14. Jorge Oteiza: "Los límites de la transparencia" (E)
    The Fundación Canal presents a selection of sculptures of Jorge Oteiza (1908 - 2003) curated by the niece of the artist, Pilar Oteiza. Jorge Oteiza is considered to be one of the most notable Basque artists of the twentieth century and has been a pioneer in Spain?s abstract art. more 15. Public sculpture projects of members
    Philippe Andre: "Voiles", height 9m, Granit. Location: Cours d'Élaboration, Bretagne (P). more

    Ventsislav Zankov:
    "Long shadows at sunset". Location: South Park, Sofia (BG). more 

    Jon Barlow Hudson: "Ordos Balbal", height 9m Ø 1,2m, stainless steel. Location:Peace& Friendship Park, Ordos, Mongolia. more  Public sculpture projects of members
    Xavier SIS: "EL arbol de la vida", height 9m. Location: Parafrugell-Girona, Costa Brava (E). more

    Yael Niemeyer: "Dom", 200x160x120cm, stainless steel. Location: Skulpturengarten Beaugrand, Bielefeld (D). more

    Rolf Nolden: Zwillingsbogen "O", 226x260x65cm, steel. Location: Aquapark Boulevard, Oberhausen (D). more

    16. Calendar of Events

    We present you here a selection of events from our calendar of events.

    Art fairs / Exhibitions:

    You can find more exhibitions and events in the European sculpture scene in our comprehensive calender of events on our website.

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