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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    Newsletter 05/2011
    1. sculpture network Xth International Forum Bilbao 2011
    "Sculpture Today. A Space for Inquiry - Experience Re-Codified"

    10th - 12th November in Bilbao, Spain
    in cooperation with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Chillida Park and Alfa Arte. more

    sculpture network Experience Basque Country - Navarre - Rioja
    From 7th - 10th November we invite you to an exclusiv journey through Basque Country, Navarre and Rioja. more
    2. PREVIEW: sculpture network events 2011
    - 27 - 28 August: sculpture network Drawing Conference UK: "Technologies of Drawing"

    - 27 August: Regional Meeting Dessau, Germany

    - 10 September: Regional Meeting Neuss/Aachen, Germany

    - 24/25 September: Regional Meeting Münster, Germany

    - 7 - 10 November: sculpture network Experience Bilbao, Spain

    - 10 - 13 November: sculpture network Xth International Forum in Bilbao, Spain 3. Hermes Message
    It may seem a bit cheeky to take Hermes, messenger of the gods, as ambassador of the small success stories that our members tell us. But these stories are about such different events and their almost mystical occurence that only the cunning son of Zeus could actually bring about.

    Read the stories of our members that Hermes brings to you, and tell one yourself! What incident has happened to you? What success story have you experienced with sculpture network? We look forward to your stories. The best will be published.
    Click here for the first story 4. Reviews sculpture network events
    sculpture network Experience Mallorca
    17/18 June 2011

    Regional Meeting Franche-Comté
    25 June 2011

    Regional Meeting Switzerland/Zürich
    24 - 26 June 2011
    5. New member - The Pangolin Gallery and Foundry (UK)
    The gallery in Chalford in the Gloucestershire county west of London is one of the few galleries specializing in sculpture in Britain. In addition, it also shows graphics and prints, which are in close connection with the sculptures. more 6. ARTZUID 2011 (NL)
    Amsterdam as temporary “Global City of Sculptures”

    In 2008, Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger founded the ARTZUID with the aim of drawing attention to the districts of Amsterdam newly designed by architect HP Berlage in 1917. The former plans were known as Plan Zuid, which inspired the name of the festival. more 7. New sculpture park opens in southwest England (UK)
    In the southwest of England in the Frome valley near Dorchester in the county of Dorset, a new sculpture park under the name "Sculpture by the Lakes" was opened in June 2011. more 8. "Mínimo Tamaño Grande" (ES)
    Summer Exhibition in San Lorenzo de El Escorial

    6 sculpture network members participate in this year's exhibition

    2011 marks the 15th edition of Mínimo Tamaño Grande's Summer Exhibition. 25 artists are currently exhibiting in the illustrious 16th century building "Casa de Cultura" more 9. Art in Business (DE)
    Many companies have their own collections and target the use of art in their companies. As such, LHI Leasing GmbH, Munich.

    When opting for a new administrative building for LHI in Pullach, it was clear that a certain percentage of the construction costs should be spent on art in the company more 10. Sculpture Education in Europe - TALLANDO (sculpting)
    We present you some different research projects developed by sculpture students and their professors starting with these from the Fine Arts College in CES Felipe II in Aranjuez more 11. Sculptors’ symposium 2011 in Schweinstal (DE)
    The association Skulpturen Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. has organized six sculpture symposia in the Kaiserslautern-Süd area since 1990. A "sculpture axis" was built from east to west with over 50 large sculptures in the city and countryside more 12. 50 Years Forma Viva (SLO)
    One of the oldest sculpture symposiums worldwide

    Forma Viva in Slovenia is one of the oldest sculpture symposium in the world! More than 300 sculptures were created by 150 sculptors of international origin. more 13. Herbert Mehler Exhibition in the Sculpture Park Heidelberg (DE)
    The scuptor Herbert Mehler, born in 1949 in Steinau near Fulda, has his studios in Berlin and Riedenheim near Würzburg. He works with Corten steel, but gained prominence with drawings and graphic works. The exhibition shows a total of 11, some monumental, exhibits and provides a good overview of the artist's work. A richly illustrated catalog is available. more 14. Verbier 3-D Scupture Park and Artist Residency (CH)
    The power of art in a museum without walls

    In June 2011, the 3-D Foundation opened the stunning new sculpture park as an artist's residence for foreign artists in Verbier in the Swiss Alps. The Alps are the backdrop and inspiration for the artists. For five weeks international sculptors were invited to the Swiss mountains to create monumental sculptures for the park. more 15. Franck Scurti: Works of chance (FR)
    Franck Scurti entered the contemporary art scene in the early 1990s. He quickly gained a reputation as one of the most prolific artists of his generation. His diverse works, which seem to lack a unified style, represent a constantly new confrontation with our time and its problems: geopolitical issues, mass production, consumer society, or even media are Scurtis’ recurring themes. more 16. ABSTRACT //// SCULPTURE (DE)
    It was about a hundred years ago that art - at least in part - became abstract. Abstraction has never since held a monopoly, but there were substantial periods of dominance, followed by figurative counter-movements. The oppositions of abstract / figurative and formalism / realism, mainly in the postwar period, were ideologically charged not only artistically but also socially. more 17. Art Meadow (CH)
    "Art Meadow" is the name of a small sculpture park in the Lake Constance community of Bottighofen, near the German border. From the private initiative of sculptor Albert Lehmann, a lively meeting place has grown in the middle of the village.  more

    18. Public sculpture projects of members

    Thomas Schwarz (DE): "Sorbischer Dudelsackspieler Hans Schuster"; dedication June 2010; Venue: Schusterhof in Trebendorf (Sachsen); made of a 400 year old oak more

    Dilys Jackson (UK):
    "Hiraeth"  (steel and cast iron) at The Sculpture Park, Churt, Surrey UK more
    Mirko Siakkou-Flodin (DE): this kinetic sculpture was made in Cedar Rapids (USA) for the Eco Art Festival; inspired by a dung beetle more

    Dierk Berthel (DE): "Transportlinie" In May 2011 this art project (9 sculptures) was installed in Kitzingen/Bayern  more 19. Calendar
    We present you here a aelection of interensting dates.

    You can find more dates in our calendar of events.
    If you are traveling around Europe this summer don't forget to check the calendar to see what's on and which members are exhibiting where.

    20. Opportunitites

    On our website you can find selected competitions, opportunities, tenders and Artis-In-Residence programmes, for example from Norway, Australia, Poland, etc. access database

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