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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    Newsletter 06/2011
    1. sculpture network X. Internationales Forum Bilbao 2011
    "Sculpture Today. A Space for Inquiry - Experience Re-Codified"

    10th - 12th November in Bilbao, Spain
    in cooperation with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Chillida Park and Alfa Arte. more
    2. New correspondent for the Netherlands in the sculpture network team
    Anne Berk

    Art critic, also works as a curator, educator, consultant, lecturer and filmmaker. She likes to share her knowledge and passion for the art with the public, in articles or in small films on YouTube.

    Anne Berk is the contact for all members and programs in the Netherlands. 3. Reviews sculpture network events
    Drawing Symposium, Huddersfield(GB)
    21. - 28. August 2011

    Wood Symposium, Gangelt (DE)
    1. - 11. September 2011

    Regional Meeting Neuss/Gangelt (DE)
    10. September 2011  4. PREVIEW: sculpture network events 2011
    - 24./25. September: Regional Meeting Münster, Germany

    - 7. - 10. November: Experience Basque Country, Navarre and Rioja, Spain (already fully booked)

    - 10. - 12. November: X. Internationales Forum in Bilbao, Spain

    - 13. November: Members Association Meeting in Bilbao, Spain

    - 15. January 2012: New Year's Brunch - nyb '12, at many different places around the world 5. Hermes´ Message
    In the previous newsletter we presented you at this point Hermes, as messenger of your success stories. Narrate one by yourself! Much fun with his experience told today:

    Here is the story of Gudrun Nielsen (IS) - Artist:
    "I would recommend the Drawing Symposium to everyone. Don´t miss such a great experience!" 6. New member - Estructuras Acerox (ES)
    Esculturas/Sculpture is a company who fabricates architectural metal-works and produces large scale sculptures. One of the main point for us is that we work in direct contact with the artist as well as institutions. more 7. Temple of Doom by Olaf Mooij (NL)
    For many people their car is an extension of themselves and therefore so often discussed. The Rotterdam-based artist Olaf Mooij, who has achieved particular fame with his car sculptures in public space, transforms vehicles into "living" beings. more 8. Extended Drawing (BE)
    Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman & Richard Serra and the line

    Extended Drawing focuses on one particular aspect of the work of American artists Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman and Richard Serra: the line--or respectively, its anonymity in the space. more 9. Carsten Höller’s sculptures in the Herbert Gerisch Foundation’s Park (DE)
    The great promise of happiness - play, nature, love, kids, flush - that are the leitmotifs of Carsten Höller's exhibition "problem play" in the Gerisch Foundation. Even on the large meadow in the Gerisch Sculpture Park there will be a memorable confrontation.  more 10. Bernhard Heiliger Award for Sculpture 2011 goes to Fabián Marcaccio (DE)
    the New York artist Fabián Marcaccio was awarded the Bernhard Heiliger Award for Sculpture 2011. On this occasion, the Georg-Kolbe-Museum shows an exhibition entitled FABIÁN MARCACCIO - THE STRUCTURAL CANVAS PAINTANTS. more 11. Barry Flanagan “Early Works 1965 – 1982” (GB)
    Barry Flanagan was one of the most inventive British artists. In autumn, the Tate Britain shows his early work in a solo exhibition and positions him as a key figure in the development of British and international sculpture. Worldwide he is known for his bronze hares, which are among his later works. more 12. LOKO11 (NL)
    This annual symposium brings together commissioners, commissioned artists and intermediaries. They will discuss topical issues, taking as a common viewpoint the fact that expertise in the arts field is of abiding importance in spatial and urban development. more 13. Book launch of the sculpture school Peccia (CH)
    The book Marmor macht Schule tells the story of a vision, which has allowed the sculpture school in southern Peccia to grow from its modest beginnings into a major art school. more 14. open air links - Tips for the autumn walk

    14. Skulpture summer in Bissee near Kiel, 15.10.2011
    Skulptura VI in Kevelaer, near the Dutch border to Nijmegen, until 17.12.2011
    Cologne Skulpture #6 (all-the-year)
    10. Round Sculptures , until 23.10.2011
    Bambutopia 2011, in Schallstadt-Mengen near Fribourg, until 1.10.2011


    Art Meadow Bottighofen, at Lake Constance, until 15.10.2011
    Art Way Pontresina, near St. Moritz, until 15.10.2011


    Horizon Fields, Antony Gormly, Vorarlberg, until 30.04.2011
    Austrian skulpture park, near Unterpremstätten (near Graz), until 31.10.2011

    Great Britain

    Sculpture In Context 2011, Dublin, bis 21.10.2011
    Folkstonetriennale, in Kent, near Dover, bis 25.09.2011

    15. Public sculpture projects of members

    Agnes Keil (DE): 2010
    Roof sculpture and site planning for the seat in Simmern / Hunsrück of the company Baufritz. more
    Jorge Palacios (ES): Untitled, 2011, 200 x 95 x 60 cm, teak wood and corten steel. The Sun Gate, Toledo. Public sculpture exhibition Itinerant “Dialogues of the curve” on the streets of Toledo, Spain. more 16. Calendar
    We present you here a aelection of interensting dates.
    You can find more dates in our calendar of events.

    17. Opportunitites

    On our website you can find selected competitions, opportunities, tenders and Artis-In-Residence programmes, for example from Great Britain, Spain, Russia, etc. access database

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    sculpture network ist eine europäische non-profit Organisation, die 2004 zur Förderung der zeitgenössischen dreidimensionalen Kunst gegründet wurde. Die Plattform vernetzt Künstler, Kunstvermittler, Museen, Galerien, Dienstleister, Sammler und Kunstfreunde.

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