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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    Newsletter 08/2011

    sculpture network’s aim is the advancement of three-dimensional art by creating interest in sculpture and thus enhancing marketing and sales possibilities for sculptors.

    Public perception of this art form must be intensified, as all types of art and media are in competition for the attention of an interested audience and of potential clients. The association of museums and of art galleries is well aware of this fact, utilizing all versions of publicity for their own purposes.

    sculpture network, on the other hand, acts not in pursuit of individual goals, but promotes the high regard of sculpture itself within society by means of the following deliberate measures:

    ♦   70 print and online publications 
    ♦   2 television reports
    ♦   3 media cooperations
    ♦   3 published advertisements
    ♦   5.000 flyers distributed in art institutions European wide www.facebook.com/sculpture.network

    ♦   75.000 website visitors
    ♦   present in numerous link lists
    ♦   5.000 fans on facebook
    ♦   profiles on LinkedIn and google+ coming soon

    visit us

    ♦   8 newsletters, each in 3 languages (English, German, Spanish)
    ♦   13.000 subscribers in 40 countries
    ♦   information pool for art professionals, artists and friends of the arts
    ♦   members´ new public sculptures


    ♦   250 art professionals, artists and friends of the arts, from 19 nations at
        Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
    ♦   lectures, visits, discussions, networking 
    ♦   5 conferences broadcast on-line
    ♦   cooperation partners: Guggenheim Museum, Chillida Leku Park, Alfa Arte

    more www.sculpture-network.org/de/home/unser-netzwerk/programm/working-symposium.html

    ♦   International working symposium in Germany and United Kingdom
    ♦   artists from 15 nations
    ♦   75 art works made
    ♦   cooperation partners: University of Huddersfield, Heinrichs-Gruppe,
         Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V.

    more                                                                Photo: Karl-Heinz Hamacher

    ♦   sculpture trips to Mallorca and Basque Country 
    ♦   72 art professionals, artists and friends of the arts, from 16 nations
    ♦   networking at: studios, private collections, museums and sculpture parks
    ♦   cooperating partners: Huarte Centro de Arte Contemporáneo,
        Fundación Oteiza, Fundación Pilar i Joan Miro

    more www.sculpture-network.org/de/home/unser-netzwerk/programm/regional-meetings/2011.html

    ♦   Events in Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain
    ♦   local art professionals, artists and friends of the arts networking
    ♦   10 public sculpture projects visited

    more www.sculpture-network.org/de/home/unser-netzwerk/programm/new-years-brunch.html

    ♦   Celebration of contemporary sculpture in Europe
    ♦   24 venues, 24 programs
    ♦   800 art professionals, artists and friends of the arts 


    ♦   Tool for networking and artist search
    ♦   950 member profiles & contacts
    ♦   650 artist portfolios
    ♦   200 new members in 2011

    artist portfolios here www.sculpture-network.org/index.php?id=495

    ♦   160 listed, member tested and recommended suppliers in 8 countries
    ♦   22 foundries, 52 tool+material suppliers, 26 web+graphic consultants, 
         18 model making and construction companies, 11 transport companies 
         and much more

    view database www.sculpture-network.org/de/home/terminkalender.html

    ♦   640 published sculpture events: exhibitions, lectures, art fairs...
    ♦   400 members exhibitions promoted
    ♦   35 countries represented

    Use this tool to
    plan your exhibition visits in 2012 www.sculpture-network.org/de/home/fuer-kuenstler/ausschreibungen.html

    ♦   More than 200 published opportunities for artists and art professionals
    ♦   artist awards, curator search, tenders, residencies, dialogue workshops...
    ♦   all items researched and filtered
    ♦   50 sculpture network members have won competitions

    view opportunities www.sculpture-network.org/de/home/unser-netzwerk/ueber-uns/team/laender-korrespondenten.html

    ♦   sculpture network team grows
    ♦   new correspondents in
             Switzerland - Rainer Bolliger 
             The Netherlands - Anne Berk
    ♦   correspondents wanted for: Austria, Italy, Scandinavia, Portugal, France

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    Übersetzungen: Marina Fleck

    sculpture network ist eine europäische non-profit Organisation, die 2004 zur Förderung der zeitgenössischen dreidimensionalen Kunst gegründet wurde. Die Plattform vernetzt Künstler, Kunstvermittler, Museen, Galerien, Dienstleister, Sammler und Kunstfreunde.

    Jetzt Mitglied werden!

    sculpture network e.V.
    Adlzreiterstr. 7
    80337 München, Deutschland

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