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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    News 01/2012

    ♦  Be proactive, Stand Up for Sculpture and reap the benefits
    ♦  by Ralf Kirberg, Chairman sculpture network

    Dear Members and Friends of three-dimensional art,
    As you know I generally address you as "members and friends of sculpture". Today, I use the term "three-dimensional art" favoured by many in sculpture network. A term that encompasses, the almost limitless variety, possibilities and nuances of this creative language. more

    Ai Wei Wei: Seeds of Change
    ♦  by Anne Berk

    According to the British Art Review magazine, Ai Wei Wei is the most powerful artist in the world. This versatile artist designed the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. As an activist, he openly criticized the Chinese government until they beat him up and detained him for three months. The world wide appeal for his release and his current house arrest dominate the headlines. But what about his sculpture?


    ♦   John Barlow Hudson (US):  "PORTAL: WHISPERING STONES"; installed by the City Hall of Hancock, USA. it is three Maine granites, 4.6m.hi. x 4.6m. x 1.4m

    ♦   Bernhard G. Lehmann (DE): "Polar"; at the "Obereiderhafen" in Rendsburg; steel 7,5m high, ground: 1,5x1,5m

    ♦   Ernest Altes (ES): "CRÓNICA-Pere III el Cerimoniós"; by order of the city of Reus (Tarragona); steel; 19 x 9 x 4 meter

    Send us your recently installed public works. We will show them here.

    ♦  4x4 Discourse
    ♦  Teaching Sculpture aims to publish opinion and experience on sculpture teaching, to create bridges between people and institutions involved in this practice and to create discussion and debate.

    When sculpture becomes "free" of the object, what do we teach, and where does this leave craft?
    has been answered by four artists / teachers:

    ♦  John Atkin (GB)
    ♦  Martina Lauinger (CH)
    ♦  Marta Linaza (ES) 
    ♦  Alessandra Profidia (IT)

    Read their replies here

    Read about this project here

    If you would like to participate click here

    ♦  Hallart Foundation (NL); The Foundation hopes to use this connection to internationalise its own objectives and to cooperate with sculpture network and its European activities. further information

    ♦  kunstgenuss.ch (CH); As a gallery owner, event manager, studio owner, and a consultant for individuals as well as public institutions, I have acquired a huge network and know how, which I want to share with you. further information

    ♦  54 other new members in the last 3 months

    List of all members


    ♦  5th Trienial of Sculpture, 12.5 - 4.11.2012, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland,
    including members of sculpture network:
    Magdalena Abakanowicz, Carlo Borer, Wilhelm Holderied, Cornelia Konrads, Christoph Luckeneder, Werner Mally, Manfred Martin, Keld Moseholm, Pavel Schmidt, Georg Seibert, Suter&Bult, Urs P. Twellmann, Christina Wendt

    ♦  Michael Jastram - Skulpturen & Zeichnungen; 02.5. - 2.6.2012; KunstRaum Bernusstrasse, Frankfurt, Germany

    ♦  Kunstkammer No. 15 – Marcel Hiller; 11.05. - 05.08.2012; Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, Germany

    Click here to see more members´ exhibtion and event dates

    by Bettina Lüdicke (DE) artist

    We became aware of your work through our contact in "sculpture network ", something that we share..."

    - this is the begin of an email I received in March 2011, from Barbara Ruetz, Director of Munich’s, centrally located "Galerie an der Pinakothek der Morderne".

    read more

    ♦  Roughing large, wood volumes - by Jorge Palacios
    ♦  Angle grinder - by HEX
    ♦  Swivelling vise - by Christoph Böllinger

    read more

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    Jürgen Trimborn: Arno Breker. The artists and the power. The biography

    ♦  Review by Marc Wellmann (DE), Chairman of Bernhard Heiliger Stiftung Berlin

      Juergen Trimborns new Breker's biography is, for sure reading to be recommended. A  portrayal that is brilliant in wording and abundant in facts. For the very first time Arno Breker´s life is reviewed on the basis of scientific, verifiable sources. Every reader who is interested in contemporary 20th century art, will profit from this book. more

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    sculpture network ist eine europäische non-profit Organisation, die 2004 zur Förderung der zeitgenössischen dreidimensionalen Kunst gegründet wurde. Die Plattform vernetzt Künstler, Kunstvermittler, Museen, Galerien, Dienstleister, Sammler und Kunstfreunde.

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