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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    sculpture network News November 2012

    Dear members and friends of three-dimensional art,

    An eventful year draws to a close and, with sculpture network, has entailed a plethora of events. It is difficult to establish a succession. There is one thing that all encounters had in common: the meeting of people for whom sculpture is very important. So many projects and collaborations have emerged that even we in Pöcking have somewhat lost track. Read more


    Shape Shifter, the computer in the oeuvre of Tony Cragg  by Anne Berk

    Fantastic, complex, rhythmical and fluid forms, with vibrant diagonal lines, seem to defy gravity, and differ from anything I’ve seen before.

    Certainly, this renown British sculptor (1949, Liverpool) expanded the language of sculpture. To what extent did the computer enable him to create these complex shapes? And what is the meaning of these smooth, pulsating, streamlined shapes?

    For Cragg, the computer is just one of his tools, which help him to manufacture complex shapes. However, the form of his sculptures is not generated in virtual space, but developed through physical interaction with matter, which is life's fundament. Read full article

    Teaching Sculpture aims to publish opinion and experience on sculpture teaching, to create bridges between people and institutions involved in this practice and to create discussion and debate.

    4x4 Discourse
    Four artists/ teachers (John D. Antone (US), Maria Jesús Abad Tejerina (ES) , José Antonio Asensio (ES), Wouter Mulier (BE)) reply the following question this month:

    How do you integrate ideals into teaching, which can raise awareness in society so that a unified sense of opportunity, status, humanity and equality can be achieved?

    ♦   Matthias Will (DE): "Kreisteilung,kugelig", stainless steel, 3m, School Center in Darmstadt (top)

    ♦   HEX (DE): "CASA METAFISICA", 2012, cortensteel, 3.10 m, traffic circle Puchheim, Germany (bottom left)

    ♦   Martin Piehler (DE): "Orakel", 2012, cottonwood, 6 m , at the water front in Herrsching (bottom right)

    Send us your recently installed public works. We will show them here.
    (Only for members of sculpture network)

    Studio Golondrina - Aragon region/ Spain: Studio and workshop spaces for rent in the rugged hills of Aragon, northeastern Spain. More Information

    Foundry & Gallery Flierl - Berlin/ Germany:Our services extend far beyond the foundry, molding, and Patinier workshop. More Information

    List of all members

    Daniel Urta: ARQUE+GRAFÍAS, 26.10. - 30.11.2012, Galeria Kessler, Valencia (ES)

    Jon Buck: New Work, 07.11. - 22.12.2012, Pangolin, London (GB)

    Jörg Plickat: Mittendrin, 28.10. - 8.12.2012, Galerie - das Kunstwerk, Stade (DE)

    Click HERE to see more members´ exhibtion and event dates.

    Did you know that, as a member of sculpture network, you can enter dates in this calendar yourself? For further information, please contact Sophie Glas

    sculpture network offers a comprehensive listing of opportunities for artists, curators, teachers, critics etc. researched by our staff and continuously updated. Click here and loggin to see the full listing.

    If you would like to publish an opportunity in our listing please send your information to opportunities@sculpture-network.org

    2.000 people attended nyb'12 and networked to make many new professional contacts, which have led to great outcomes.

    We are pleased to say that we already have over 30 confirmed hosts for nyb'13, taking place on Sunday, 20th of January 2013.

    If you would also like to be a host of this international event in your space, please get in touch with sophie.schmidpeter@sculpture-network.org by 20 November at the latest. 

    For further information about the event, please click here

    If you would like to share a story of how using our programs, services and contacts have led you to new professional opportunities please write to isabelle.henn@sculpture-network.org

    Roughing out large scale wood sculptures

    Sculptor Jorge Palacios reveals his tricks, which permit roughing out large blocks of wood, in search of the curved shapes which characterize his sculptural work. Read more

    (The full article is accessible only for members of sculpture network, please loggin to read it).

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