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Europas Plattform für zeitgenössische Skulptur
    sculpture network News September 2012

    Dear members and friends of three-dimensional art,

    An exciting summer is now behind us, filled with many exhibitions and other artistic events. Not only that, also the programme of sculpture network’s events and its members’ initiatives has been impressive.

    Let me first mention the dOCUMENTA 13, which we attended along with 50 members and guests over two and a half days. The diversity and abundance of the events offered is reflected in the variety of impressions and opinions of the visitors, as well as the reporting and commentary in the media.

    I have nothing to add here but would like to recommend that you read the article by Anne Berk in this newsletter. Read more


    dOCUMENTA13: The revelations of things
  by Anne Berk

    dOCUMENTA13 in Kassel looks like a modern Wunderkammer, with a great variety of objects: contemporary and ancient, art objects as well as natural elements. In this virtual, digital world, curator Carolyn Christoph Bakargiev invites us to surrender to our senses, to reconnect with nature and the other creatures with which we share the planet.
 Bakargiev acknowledges the merits of the physical (art) object as tool for reflection and embodiment. That’s good news for sculptors! Read full article

    As a warmer for our upcoming International Forum, Barcelona University Sculpture Professor - José Antonio Asensio - talks about Light as a reference for humanity and how it has been reflected in Art throughout the ages till today. Read full article

    “Light in Contemporary Art” is the theme of our upcoming 2-day International Forum. If you enjoyed reading about light art here and are further interested in the topic, join us from 27 to 29 September, 2012 (Celle - Hannover, Germany) for conferences and debate on the subject, followed by visits, networking and socialising around sculpture. 

    Register now

    International competition for the memorial of the victims of Smolensk

    sculpture network vice chairman Hartmut Stielow and director of Sculpture Museum im Hofberg, Landshut (DE) Stefanje Weinmayr, had the honour to be invited to the international jury committee for the selection of an artist proposal for the memorial of the victims of the airplane crash 2011 in Smolensk. Stefanje Weinmayr reports how the jury process went and who won. Read full article

    ♦   Angelika Summa (DE):  "Gestrüpp", 2012, steel, 220 x 220 x 220 cm, sculpture trail Erbeskopf/ Hunsrück, Rheinland-Pfalz. (top)

    ♦   Peter Obels (NL): "Cumulus", 2011, cortensteel, 700x450x350cm, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands (bottom left)

    ♦   Egidius Knops (DE): "Spreewälderin" in the middle of a traffic cirle in Berlin, chrome nickel steel 8,5 x 5 x 3 m  (bottom right) 

    Send us your recently installed public works. We will show them here.
    (Only for members of sculpture network)

    ♦  Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana (SL): Slovenian sculpture is traditionally tied to Europe and for this reason its perspectives are also similar to European perspectives. More Information

    Künstlergut Prösitz (D): The association’s aim is to support female artists with children, in their specific artistic work. More Information

    Karin Weber Gallery (CN): The Gallery is dedicated to showing fine international contemporary art by both emerging and established artists, representing the taste of our Hong Kong and International clients. More Information

    List of all members

    BIOS – Concepts of life in contemporary sculpture, 26.8. - 11.11.2012, Georg-Kolbe-Museum, Berlin (DE)

    ♦ Thomas Schütte, 26.5. - 16.9.2012, Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp (BE)

    ♦ Aja von Loeper / Papier Relief - Evelyn Weinzierl / Skulptur, 14.9. - 4.11.2012, Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne - Barbara Ruetz, Munich (DE)

    ♦ Eva Ducret: LIEU-DIT, 6.10. - 4.11.2012, Centre d`art contemporain Frank Popper, Marcigny (FR)

    ♦ Martine Andernach: Sculptures & Graphic, 29.8. - 29.9.2012, KunstRaum Bernusstraße, Frankfurt/Main (DE)

    Click HERE to see more members´ exhibtion and event dates.

    Did you know that, as a member of sculpture network, you may enter dates on this calendar yourself? For further information, please contact Sophie Glas

    sculpture network offers a comprehensive listing of opportunities for artists, curators, teachers, critics etc. researched by our staff and continuously updated. Click here to see the full listing.

    If you would like to publish an opportunity in our listing please send your information to opportunities@sculpture-network.org 

    Upcoming opportunities:

    ♦  Henry Moore Institute Dissertation and Essay Prizes 2012, Deadline: 30.10.2012 See more
    ♦  ART AWARD 2012 - Orlando Foundation, award money: 5000 EUR, Deadline: 30.09.2012 See more

    The Spanish Ministry of Culture recently published a Survey of Artists-in-residency opportunities world wide (document in Spanish): http://www.mcu.es/principal/docs/novedades/2012/localizador_2012.pdf 

    sculpture network members share stories of how using our programs, services and contacts have led them to new professional opportunities, international connections and like minded friends. Be inspired and start networking now!  

    If you would like to share a story and see your name here, please write to isabelle.henn@sculpture-network.org

    Artist  Karl Chilcott from Sweden found an interesting artist-in-residency in our opportunity listing and went to Ireland. Read about his great experiences there and see the artwork produced. Read his story

    By using sculpture network contacts and services, German artist  Irene Hoppenberg was able to participate in different artist' symposia. In this context she created the spider-sculpture "Networker", which could be a symbol of how networking enriches for artists. Read her story

    Spanish artist  Joan Costa describes the great outcome of a sculpture network Experience group visit to his studio in 2011. Later on, contacts made during this visit resulted in his participation at Sculpture by the Sea, BONDI 2012, together with other sculpture network members such as Sue Roberts, Gillie Schattner, Peter Lundberg, Keld Moseholm, Jörg Plickat and Marcus Tatton. Read his story


    Today we offer you some advice for your self-marketing activities:
    Our Spanish member Javier Magán is an expert in social media marketing. In the following article he gives some advice for creating your own professional facebook profile. Read more 

    (The article is accessible only for members of sculpture network, please login to read it)

    Send us your own working tips for other members.

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    Author: Robert Kudielka, Editor: Gustav Reinhardt, Publisher: Reinhardt, Gustav
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    ISBN / EAN : 978-3-00-038537-7
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