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"An exceptional work for an exceptional university"

"An exceptional work for an exceptional university"

The book Patrimonio Arquitectónico y Artístico de la UNED (Architectural and Artistic Heritage of the UNED) is a journey through the heritage of UNED, Spain (Universidad Nacional a Distancia) 40 years of collecting and conservation. 

Simon Marchan Fiz, Professor of Aesthetics at this Open University and the book’s editor, states they wanted to address three different fronts: architecture, public art and painting, in a way European and American universities do. In his opinion the UNED has some prominent architectural and public art heritage.

The book addresses the recovery of several dilapidated buildings, as well as the curatorial concept behind a growing public art collection, which he qualifies as exceptional.  

Editor: Simon Marchan Fiz and Victor Nieto Arcaide
Language: Spanish
Publisher: UNED (March 2013)
ISBN: 978-84-362-6599-6
Size 27x21x2

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