Sculpting Practice: Catching a Train on the Move, London 2015


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Fast forward twenty years: If asked to reflect back on the most pressing developments in the practice of sculpture in London 2015, what would you say? This publication responds to this question as a kind of time capsule of this historical moment, through the lens of three themes: ‘Adventures in Material and Space’; ‘Public Sculpture, Public Art’ and ‘Ambition and Afterlife’.

The present described here springs from the perspective of Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre (PSC) but also draws on the insights of our peers, colleagues and associates as our reflections move between the micro and the macro, from a fleeting episode in our recent residency, to scanning the wider cultural landscape, as we attempt to make sense of our lived experience as practitioners in London 2015. 

What gives the [property] sector the credentials to select the artworks ‘given’ to the public by being sited in public spaces?
What functions do the works selected serve within the development agenda?
Is creating better communities the bottom line for these commissioners or is it selling more flats? Are these things mutually exclusive?

Those featured include: Anthony Caro, Barry Flanagan, Byzantia Harlow, Emily Motto, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Revital Cohen & Tuur van Balen, Matthew de Kersaint Girauedeau, David Rickard, muf architecture / art, Alex Chinneck, Andrew Ranville, Marjetica Potrc & Ooze, Frances Richardson, Naum Gabo, Christine Kozlov, Anne Hardy, Pablo de Laborde Lascaris, Heatherwick Studio.

Author: Marsha Bradfield & Lucy Tomlins
Language: English
Digital version free download
Publisher: Pangaea Sculptors' Centre

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