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Simon Gudgeon: Sculpture by the Lakes

Described as one of the most beautiful and unique sculpture parks in the United Kingdom, Sculpture by the Lakes marries the soft beauty of nature's wild river landscape with the more formal presentation of monumental outdoor sculpture. It is that combination of art and landscape that inspires Sculpture by the Lakes.

Whether it is work on a monumental scale that relates to its environment, or smaller works, the sculptures of Simon Gudgeon are perfectly placed in the delicately nurtured natural landscape to visually enhance their surroundings.
The effect is a balance, a harmony of form and context where the experience is central. Without walls, without interpretation, each person can engage with the art and the ever-changing environment.

"I believe art should be experienced, not merely viewed, and it is necessary to create a multi-faceted and visual environment in order to accomplish this. In a gallery there is only the art and the rest is bereft of anything else, often even furniture, it is rather a clinical environment. A sculpture park on the other hand, is a unique opportunity to create an experience that can work on so many levels to create mood and ambience; where people can leave their busy world behind them and step, for a moment, into ours; to give them time to think, relax and respond to the art." Simon Gudgeon.

Autor: Simon Gudgeon
ISBN-13: 978-0957472105
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Pallington Publishing (Nov 2012)

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