Coordinators´ contact

Beatriz Blanch
Telephone: +34 669 521 750
Skype: b.blanch3

Save the date

To be confirmed July 2016 - Coordinators Meeting in Munich
We look forward to spending time together, exchanging ideas and having a drink!

Dear Coordinators,

We have facilitated this site to support your endeavor in promoting sculpture and sculpture network as a Coordinator in your area. We trust it is of assistance for your activities and appreciate any further input regarding the content, layout, usefulness etc. you may have. You are part of this European team of sculpture promoters, we encourage you to get in touch to strengthen this network and share your experiences. You can contact each other HERE and to give further input, ideas and suggestions contact Isabelle Henn.


Tools & documents

Tools & documents

Find a cooperation partner

Organizing a Dialogue

Relaying information/contacts to HQ for central data base

  • You can use this Excel sheet (download)
  • Or photocopy name cards and send them to us 



  • Always plan social networking time (lunch, coffee or drinks). To be paid by participants individually.
  • Think of a good place to meet everyone where you can hand out name badges, tick people off on the list and give the welcome speech
  • Helpers: You will be quite busy on the day, we suggest you find a helper for the registration part and photograph taking. Check your local member list, there will be somebody who can help.
  • Don't forget to mention the following in your welcome speech: thank you to cooperating partner and participants, mention the program order, encourage people to network, indicate where the coffee/ drinks, toilets... are, give estimated finishing time
  • Start an event on time. Don’t wait longer than 10 minutes before the welcome

Promotion Material

Promotion Material

Materials are sent to you by post. Please let us know in time when you need more. Flyers available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (always tell us the language you need), blank name badges and round stickers to print names on and "stand up for sculpture" small badges.

sculpture network Flyer

sculpture network Become a member Flyer

sculpture network brochure

sculpture network User Guideline - for Artists

Name badges + transparent labels

2-3 days before your Dialogue event, we will send you the participants' names typed on a print master. You then print it on the round labels we will have sent you by post and then stick each name on a badge.

"stand up for sculpture" small badges

You should have a bag of these badges. Please use them for promotional reasons, along with the flyer. You can hand them out to participants at Dialogues, leave some at the venue, at any other event you go to where you think they could have a promotional value. You can also give them to any sculpture interested professionals and friends of arts you may know.


  • Inform people about the benefits of being a member
  • Tell people about sculpture network at openings and cultural events
  • Inform relevant institutions and key people about sculpture network
  • Ask relevant institutions to display our flyer
  • Social Media: Like us and share our posts on Facebook, tweet about us, include us in your linked in profile, link us on google plus and all your other channels
  • Website links: Link us on your website and encourage others to links us on theirs. If you would lke to include our logo on your website, you can download it HERE


  • Please note: You'll receive a monthly update of new members. At that time, we ask you to communicate with the new members in your area (by phone would be best). This gives them a feeling that the organization is close by and you can present yourself as the contact person in the area. Here is a suggested letter, please personalize as you feel best and change wording in yellow highlight (download Word doc)
  • Member type and benefits




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