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Background documenta (13) dialogues

Background documenta (13) dialogues


Our globalised, fragmented world is very complex and our human perception of the world is very limited, proclaims the American born, Bulgarian-Italian curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

"Just imagine the perspective of a dog. Consider being a stone. Heavy. Subject to gravity. Tacit, devoid of the need to communicate, completely the opposite from us in our digitalized information age. According to quantum physics, there are parallel universes which opens up an infinite number of worlds. I don’t have answers. As a curator,  I’m more or less a traffic controller. I’d rather invite people to formulate some questions"(Christov-Bagargiev).

Bagargiev advocates a mentality to live with an open mind. Her favourite philosopher Sceptic Sextus Empricus (c. 160-210 AD) doubts the existence of a reliable factual knowledge. Bakargiev invites you to do the same.

"Meaning is not fixed, it is created in a social interaction", says Bagargiev. In accordance with this Anne Berk and Saskia Wijne created documenta (13) dialogues.

"Art springs from life. What does it have to tell us? That depends from the viewer. Art is a mirror, in it you also see yourself. It all starts with looking (Anne Berk).


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