Grzegorz Lagowski

Projektkoordination 2014

Renate Eggenreich

Ansprechpartner für Gäste/ Teilnehmer 2014

Mariam Kamiab


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New Year's Brunch on Sunday, 19.1.2014 at 11 AM


We will jointly with other sculptors from different laboratories of Europe celebrate the New Year and a sense of community. Bake an apple pie, offer modest refreshments and sweets. Probably will dry wine.

Fee for food and drinks:
free of charge

Information about the host

Grzegorz Łagowski was born in Wroclaw, he created over the years in Kielce, since 2007 he is again in Lower Silesia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg (lab prof. Kubasov)(Russia). Developing a sculpture - most figurative, and the preferred material is bronze.

He conducted a laboratory which is also involved in artistic bronze casting. They use the lost-wax casting technology. In addition to copyright works, they accept orders for casting sculptures of other artists.

In his realizations, they also have a lot of work related to the maintenance and reconstruction of monuments carving and stucco. They are interested in all and every job-related spatial forms.

Studio Grzegorz Lagowski
Street Kępińska 4
15-132 Wroclaw

Grzegorz Lagowski

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