Crawford House

2015 Projektkoordination

Elisabeth Pilhofer

Photo of Helle Crawford

We cordially invite you to our new year’s brunch’15 on Sunday, 25 January 2015, 11:00 AM

Your host in Graested: Helle Crawford


  • Coffee and freshly baked rolls in the bronze workshop and gallery.
  • Discussions about the role of workmanship in art today and the physical and mental basis for perception of art.
    The activities of the bronze foundry at the art academy in Copenhagen have been greatly diminished under the leadership of Art historians, who are pressured by politicians cutting back on funding. Do Words and ideas now carry more importance than the actual physical creation of art? How does the brain percieve objects and images? Are recogniton of contours and patterns genetically inherited or learned? And do bigger works of art make a different impression? Is there a difference in the brains perception of art when it comes to either conceptual installations, that require intellectual processing to be understood or emotive objects  and images, that are immidiately perceived in an intuitive way?

Crawford House
Smithsvej 10
3230 Graested

Helle Crawford

Tel:0045 23712821

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