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2015 Projektkoordination

Elisabeth Pilhofer

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We cordially invite you to our new year’s brunch’15 on Sunday, 25 January 2015, 12:00 PM

Your host in Oulu: Minna Kangasmaa


For the second time the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture takes place in Finland in Oulu, at Sculptor Minna Kangasmaas studio in Hiukkavaara. You are warmly invited to join the event and the company.

About the host

Minna Kangasmaa’s sculptures and installations are made from a wide variety of materials such as wood, paper, concrete, plastics, metals and old porcelain plates. Her works have been shown in many solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums. Her work is represented in both private and public collections including Finland State Art Collection among others. She has also completed several commissioned public art works.
Minna Kangasmaa’s most recent series of works Systema naturae brings under scrutiny interactions between human, society and nature, but also at the same time creates a wider network of referrals. By using conceptual tools to describe the sometimes contradictory relation of human and nature, Kangasmaa leads with small gestures to large and complex questions of art history and philosophy. Through clarifying, structuring and re-evaluating concepts and aspects related to the human relationship with nature the series of works deals with art's ability to describe the human relationship with nature truthfully. Concurrently with the above-mentioned the main subjects of the Systema naturae series is to comment on originality and authenticity associated with a work of art.

Minna Kangasmaa Artist Studio
Hiukkavaaran kasarmit K2
Hiukanpiha 25
90670 Oulu

Minna Kangasmaa

Tel:+358 504089640

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