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We cordially invite you to our new year’s brunch’16 on Sunday, 24 January 2015, 11:00 AM

Your host in Bussum: Carla Rump

The studio of Carla Rump is In the centre of Holland. She will give you an insight to the specific elements of creating sculpture. More specifically on the tactile qualities of sculpture.


A Brunch in combination of a lecture about the experience of making sculpture.

Every sculpture is constructed by material. What does the material says about the sculpture.  Every matter tells us a story about our way of looking and how we can manage the world. How are artists mapping their lives in 2016 through the processing of materials.

This lecture will tell you something about the specific properties of creating and experiencing sculptures.

Costs for the lecture and food/drinks: 25€

Carla Rump Artist Studio
Korte Singel 19
1402 Bussum

Carla Rump


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