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We cordially invite you to our new year’s brunch’16 on Sunday, 24 January 2016, 11:00 AM


Your host in Mendrisio: Perseo Sa

Perseo SA was established in 1952 in Mendrisio, Switzerland, and has always maintained and demonstrated strong ties with the art world and its sculptors.
Factors such as always using top quality materials, strong technical support and the expertise of its suppliers, makes it the leading foundry in Switzerland.
Together with the traditional Lost Wax Technique we also specialize in the Vacuum Technique and in the Ceramic Mold Casting Technique.

Programme (in italiano a seguire):

12:00      Official Opening of the 7th International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture with welcome toast!
13:00      Exhibition Opening: "Nature as Material for Sculpture"
14:00      “Légende d'Automne” - the first sculpture park in Lausanne and many other projects for the  future!
14:30      How is a Bronze Sculpture created ? – Journey through the lost wax process.
15:00      Networking - an opportunity to share ideas, projects and experiences



12:00      Inizio ufficiale 7° Festa Internazionale della Scultura Contemporanea con brindisi di benvenuto
13:00      Inaugurazione esposizione: “La Natura come materiale per la scultura"
14:00      “Légende d'Automne” - il primo parco di sculture a Losanna, e tanti altri progetti per il futuro!

14:30      Come nasce una scultura in bronzo? – Viaggio attraverso il processo di fusione a cera persa
15:00      Networking - un’opportunità di condividere idee, progetti e esperienze



Perseo Sa
Via Vignalunga 15
6850 Mendrisio

Noemi Binda

Tel:+41 (0)91-6465547

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