Alandroal Guest House - Solar de Charme

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Ilaria Specos
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Lisa Burger
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Die ganze Szene im Austausch

start'17 ist ein Aktionstag für Künstler, Kunstfreunde, Kuratoren, Kritiker, Sammler, Galeristen, Architekten und alle anderen Kunst-Fachleute.

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You are cordially invited to sculpture network start'17
International Celebration for Contemporary Sculpture

On Sunday 29 January 2017 starting at 11:00 a.m.

Your host in Alandroal: Alandroal Guest House - Solar de Charme

Alandroal Guest House - Solar de Charme, located in the heart of Alandroal, raiana village of Central Alentejo, opens its doors to welcome the participants in the "sculpture network start'17", and collaborate in the celebration and promotion of the art of sculpture.
It is intended in this traditional manor house, which was adapted to the comfort needs of our times without losing its history, to join artists and personalities from the region who want to share experiences on the theme "Art in Public Spaces" virtually connected to all event participants worldwide, tasting the gastronomy delights of the region. We believe that this history filled house... full of art ... full of feeling ... surrounded by a vast heritage, with historical, religious and cultural relevance, a stage of rich traditions and high value gastronomy, arts and crafts, which was fortunate to be built in a region with unrivaled natural beauty, it is an ideal place to live such an important time for art!

The day will consist of:
11 am - Sharing ideas with sculptors present
12.30 pm . Brunsh with tasting of traditional products
15.30 pm - Visit to a company where marble sculptures are made.

Thank you for your contribution for food and drink (15.– € in cash at the event).

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Alandroal Guest House - Solar de Charme
Rua 5 de Outubro nº 4
7000 Alandroal

Maria Festas

Tel:0035 961324529

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