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Die ganze Szene im Austausch

start'17 ist ein Aktionstag für Künstler, Kunstfreunde, Kuratoren, Kritiker, Sammler, Galeristen, Architekten und alle anderen Kunst-Fachleute.

Photo of Katarzyna Wodecka Stubbs

You are cordially invited to sculpture network start'17
International Celebration for Contemporary Sculpture

On Sunday 29 January 2017 starting at 11:00 a.m.

Your host in Krakow: Klaka Ojca Bernatka

Seating of Winter   Winter in... to J-A. Houdon 

The assembly will be carried out as a happening – an event comprised of:
- “going around” the exhibition – walking across the Footbridge and introduction to the event;
- assembly of the climbing equipment and preparations of the climbers and assistants;
- assembly of the pedestal rope, or disassembly of the Bride;
- lifting and seating of the sculpture by the climbers;
- erecting and securing of the work; 
- spectacular removal of the securing straps.


The exhibition of sculptures on the Kładka Ojca Bernatka is an inauguration of the European project of presenting these works in distinctive nooks of the public spaces of our continent. After a few years of experiments in searching and constructing such relations in climates distinctive from ours, both in cultural as well as urban terms and often exotic, Kędziora returns to those closest to him, native, and tameable.
Large exhibitions, consisting of about 30 balancers, which were arranged on the hectares of the space at the financial centre in Dubai (DiFC) or the costal groves of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, gave the artist the opportunity to confront his thinking with a completely alien subject of the recipient, perception and understanding of art but also the connection between having a presenting character, a rather intimate sculpture and open urban spaces, or the clash between the sculpture and the modern, large-scale architecture. The relations of sculptures with their surroundings, were rather different on the American continent. There, equally impressive exhibitions such as those in the sculpture gardens of Ann Norton Museum in Western Palm Beach or at the central square of northern Miami around the MoCA museum, sought interesting setups and a discourse with the existing spaces, once again on the level of urban-architectural or cultural structures. An important factor valuing these events was the relationship with the museum collections surrounding them, with which the balancing figures created new formal-semantic blends.

The Artist: “The sculptures created by me incarnate an unreal, although common, dream of walking the line. However, they should be understood in a wider context, a somehow unique ascension and existing in a completely different reality. At the same time, my works are an attempt at achieving a new perspective, changing our current point of view.”

Klaka Ojca Bernatka
Kładka Bernatka w Krakowie

Katarzyna Wodecka Stubbs

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