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Die ganze Szene im Austausch

start'17 ist ein Aktionstag für Künstler, Kunstfreunde, Kuratoren, Kritiker, Sammler, Galeristen, Architekten und alle anderen Kunst-Fachleute.

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You are cordially invited to sculpture network start'17
International Celebration for Contemporary Sculpture

On Sunday 29 January 2017 starting at 11:00 a.m.

Your host in Dublin is: Patricia McKenna

Art in Public Space.

I am hosting a small informal event in my studio where there will be food and conversation and a continuous projection of artists work throughout the event.

I am interested in the diversity and broad range of the concept and possibilities of working with art in public spaces.

The artists I have invited engage with Public Space on a number of different levels, some create large scale sculpture, others through performance using music, sound and dance while others use Landscape and nature as the source and site of their work, some work alone while others engage with local groups
And communities.  I am also including some of my own work.

We will have an ongoing discussion about the work and Public Art in general.

I am delighted to be part of this exciting event and to have the opportunity to connect and share with others.

Participating Artists:
Katherine Atkinson, Bernadette Beecher, Ber Burns, Clare Behan, Anne Cradden, Diana Caramaschi, Remco de Fouw, Clodagh Holahan, Trish Hurl, Rachel Joynt, Maria Kerin, Mark Lawlor, F X Murphy, Eileen McCann, Patricia McKenna, Therry Rudin, Carole Shubotham.


The venue is my studio , which is in the garden of my house . I have been working in it for 20 years every so often if I feel the need for interacting with other artists I will work for a short while in one of the large city studios but this allows more flexibility . It is a twenty minute walk to the sea in the suburb of Dun Laoghaire the mountains are about twenty minutes by car.

Patricia McKenna Artist studio
17 Abbey Road, Monkstown
A94FK54 Dublin

Patricia McKenna

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