7th International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture 2016

2016 Project Coordination

Ilaria Specos

Tel.: +49 89 51 68 97 93
Mail: ilaria.specos@sculpture-network.org

The new year’s brunch brings together:

Artists, curators, critics, collectors, art dealers, architects, other professionals and all friends of arts.

Graphic and Video

Graphic and Video

new year's brunch'16

International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture
Sunday, 24 January 2016

sculpture network new year's brunch is an international festival designed to celebrate and promote sculpture. Organized by sculpture network, this year with 58 participating hosting venues throughout Europe. Each venue has a personalized programme relevant to the overall theme, which this year is “Nature as material for sculpture”.

The event’s unique aspect is that it takes place within an existing network. Each participant at the 58 events is virtually linked and can share impressions live on the event’s PhotoWall. Images and comments posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #newyearsbrunch16 or
#natureforsculpture can be followed live by all visitors in 18 countries.

In 2016 ca. 4.100 of people celebrated at 58 venues in 18 countries!

Here some impressions. You can see more pictures here.

IT Lanciano
DE München
ES Logroño
DE Ulm
ES Sevilla
IT Monserrato
ES Barcelona
IT Torino
SK Bratislava
IT Carrara
DE Rheinau
GR Rodhes
DE Stuttgart
NL Beers
FR Nice
CH Mendrisio
BD Chittagong
IT Pievasciata
SER Belgrad
UK Kettering
VZ Caracas


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